On March 22, SVT Sport was able to reveal that Stina Nilsson is leaving cross country skiing and changing sports. Now the 26-year-old has been biathlon for almost two months.

Together with the shooter Jean-Marc Chabloz, she has spent a lot of time on the shooting range in Östersund. In early April, Chabloz said that Nilsson had fired a full 1200 shots during one training week.

- It was a week she shot so much and there were big headlines around it. It's a little exciting. It is not so easy to shoot 1200 shots and have so much focus behind each shot. There is a lot of time behind the weapon and she did that for a week. But now we have gone down properly. It is our tactic and plan to lay a good foundation and then be able to build on with more branch specific training, says the trainer to SVT Sport.

Have you experienced a big improvement with her?

- I think she has a high high level and pretty quickly I thought she got a quick development. What we are fighting with now is the low level and above all standing shooting. I think lying down has worked very well lately.

Can debut in Sweden

Nilsson, who has been given a development spot in the A-national team, has now started training with his new teammates.

- We have been very lonely and trained. But now, a lot is being pushed around her. That's an important part. There are about 15 people shooting around her now.

Today, the IBU Cup, the series during the World Cup, presented the competition schedule for the coming season. The premiere is on Swedish soil, in Idre, November 26 and may mean Stina Nilsson's international competition debut.

- I think that's realistic. Then you should not forget that we have a pretty hard pressure on the ladies side and a huge width at a high level. It's not just getting into the team in the IBU Cup. Stina will have to do, like everyone else, to qualify. So there will be no special treatment. But in my world it is realistic to hope that she gets there.

"That's the goal"

A few weeks before the Swedish premiere awaits in the same place. The results there will be important for the 26-year-old.

- Hard to say what the selection criteria look like right now. But the premiere in Idre will mean a lot to take a place in the IBU Cup.

Is that her goal too?

- Yes, I think so. We haven't really discussed it. We do not try to go that far but take it step by step. But for me as a coach, the goal is to be able to go to the IBU Cup and see her compete there.

Frida Karlsson on Stina's change: "Big loss for cross country skiing" (30 April 2020)

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Stina Nilsson and Frida Karlsson. Photo: Photo Agency