The Korea Judo Association announced on the 8th that it had sent former Ki Ju Chun, 32, who was arrested on charges of sexual assault to a minor, to the Sports Fair Committee.

Judo Association announced on the 12th that the Sports Fair Committee will be held in the conference room of the Korea Sports Council to discuss whether or not the suspect will be disciplined.

It is highly likely that Wang Ki-chun will be subject to permanent expulsion and removal (deletion of a juvenile salary).

Article 24 of the Korea Judo Sports Fair Committee Regulations' The Committee may not be convicted of criminal cases related to cases where disciplinary grounds are fully convicted, or even if an investigative agency is investigating it. It can be punished accordingly. '

Wang Ki-chun has not yet been sentenced to court, but the reason for the disciplinary action is sufficient.

According to the disciplinary standards for violations of the Korean Judo Society, sexual assailants can be subject to maximum permanent expulsion and removal.

"The disciplinary decision will be notified to the suspect if disciplinary action is resolved by the Sports Fair Committee," the Korean Judo Association said. "The suspect is notified to the Korean Sports Council within 7 days from the date of receiving the disciplinary decision pursuant to Article 34 (application for reexamination)." "You can apply for a reconsideration," he said.

Wang Ki-chun has been under investigation after being arrested on charges of sexual assault on a minor on the 1st.

He was a judo star player who won a silver medal at the 73kg class in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Meanwhile, the Korean Judo Association will also discipline disciplinary action for the national team player A, who was arrested on the same day for driving under the influence of drunk driving.

Player A was caught by the police on the 17th of last month while backing out of his car.