Ace Sohn Heung-min (28, Tottenham) of the Korean national soccer team won the first place in basic military training and showed that he is a 'world class' not only for players but also for soldiers.

According to the Marine Corps, Son Heung-min is completing a three-week basic military training at the 9th Brigade Training Center in Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju on the morning of the 8th.

Heung-Min Son won the 'Philseung' award by finishing first in the 157 trainees at the completion ceremony.

The Marine Corps selects about 5 people who have achieved excellent grades among the trainees and awards them at the completion ceremony.

The winner's ranking is not disclosed, but Son Heung-min is known to have won first place.

Heung-Min Son scored a perfect score in the Mental Power Assessment and received excellent marks in all subjects, such as hitting 10 out of 10 targets in shooting training.

Heung-Min Son, the captain of Korea's national soccer team, received a good score as a squad leader during each combat training.

Heung-Min Son trained with a sincere attitude, and the training instructors rated Son Heung-min as a polite and good-quality trainer.

A military official explained, "I didn't give Son Heung-min a lot of scores and give them low scores."
Son Heung-min, who entered the training center on the 20th of last month, received training for the Marine Corps mental and combat training for three weeks, individual firearms shooting, bayonet swordsmanship, fire fighting room, rifle ritual action, individual combat, single armed marching, and first aid.

An official of the Marine Corps said, "Although I am not active in the Marine Corps, I hope to become a stronger and better player without forgetting the 'invincible spirit of the invincible Marine Corps' emphasized during training."

On the 6th of this month, he saw Son Heung-min returning to the training center after shooting training at the coastal shooting range.

At that time, Son Heung-min, the 139th trainee, was wearing 136 bulletproof hats.

A military official said, "In the process of taking off and wearing a bulletproof hat, my colleague's bulletproof hat was wrong."

Heung-Min Son is known to have requested the completion of the completion ceremony in view of the situation in Corona19.

Apart from Son Heung-min's request, the Marine Corps restricts family and outsiders from entering the training camp for the prevention of corona19.

Heung-Min Son received a 'Military Service Special', which was transferred to the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games Men's Soccer for a gold medal as an athletic agent.

After completing the basic military training, Son Heung-min receives a separate military number as a supplementary service under the Military Service Act, and the final rank is Marine Corps.

Heung-Min Son is active as an active player for 34 months and completes his military service for a certain period of time (544 hours).

The Marine Corps Training Center, where Son Heung-min was trained, was the place where the Marines who participated in the Incheon Landing Operation in the Korean War in preparation for participation.

(Photo = Yonhap News)