85% of track and field athletes aiming at Tokyo Para are unable to use the training base Impact of the new corona May 7 17:30

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, a survey by a competition group found that more than 85% of the leading athletes on the track to aim for the Tokyo Paralympics are not able to perform regular training using practice bases.

Following the voluntary refraining from going out due to the declaration of an emergency caused by the new coronavirus and the closure of sports facilities, the Japan Para Athletics Federation has trained 37 reinforced athletes aiming for the Tokyo Paralympic Games for two weeks until the 25th of last month. A questionnaire survey was conducted targeting a total of 49 players, including 12 players.

Among the training facilities, more than 85% of the athletes said that they could not use their regular practice bases, and more than half of the athletes were “not able to secure” or “insufficient” regarding the amount and quality of training. I am doing it. "

Although many athletes are training at their homes or nearby roads or stairs instead of practice bases, there are also voices saying that they have to reduce the time and frequency to avoid annoying neighbors and contact with people. I am.

In addition, when asked whether they felt anxious or impatient, the designated players strengthened, and more than 85% of the players who had already been offered to the Tokyo Paralympics representative answered that they did not "feel," while more than half of those who did not offer Replied, "I feel."

The Federation analyzes that the reason for the large psychological impact of athletes who have not been designated as a representative is that it is difficult to set goals due to uncertain future qualifying schedules.

In addition, it was also found that 6 of the athletes who use artificial legs and artificial hands cannot go to the factory, cannot adjust in the stadium, and have problems such as delay in importing parts.

`` It's time for athletes to endure now, but I believe that there is a time when the strength of para athletes who have survived the danger of life is needed, and I will continue doing what I can. I want you to. "