Screenshot of Vanessa social media. client May 6th local time May 5th, basketball star Kobe Bryant's widow, Vanessa, updated her social media on her birthday. Vanessa published a letter that Bryant wrote to her during her lifetime, and revealed that it was found the day before, and she planned to open it on her birthday.

  "Yesterday I found an envelope that read: 'Give me the love of my life'. I thought about opening the letter on my birthday, which made me have some expectations for today. The cover of the letter is an angel Holding my painting. Missing the love of my life and my sweet little Mamba (second daughter Jaina). Thanks for waking up today, there are three lovely girls next to me and hope we can stay together. " Wrote.

  Subsequently, she photographed a photo of her eldest daughter Natalia holding her younger daughter Capri and wrote: "Capri looks like her father (in Jaina's clothes)."

  On January 26, 2020 local time, the helicopter that the former NBA legend Kobe Bryant crashed in Calabasas, California, killed all nine people on board, including Kobe and his second daughter Jaina. (Finish)