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The historic goalscorer for the Bosnia and Herzegovina soccer team, Gico, captain of the Italian Roma team for Al Jazeera Net, revealed his relationship with the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, his Ramadan memories and expectations for the Qatar World Cup 2022, in the following dialogue with Al Jazeera Net:

We start in Rome. What is your assessment of the period in which Salah was associated with the team of the wolves before moving to Liverpool?

First of all, I have great respect for Salah as both a human and a player, and I remember that when he joined Rome, we realized that in order to achieve understanding in the stadium, we had to understand outside the stadium, and from here I approached him and found him very calm, and his company was always pleasant, which was always easy for us To understand, and we succeeded in transferring this "chemistry" between us to the field with the help of coaches.

What is your comment on the great success achieved by Salah with Liverpool?

Salah is a wonderful person who deserves all the best, and I was happy with his victory with Liverpool in the Champions League, and his success in confirming his high capabilities in the Premier League, although I realize how difficult it is to play in this strong league.

Let us know about the Corona pandemic and how did it affect your training and daily life?

Of course I affected me, and I miss the ball and adrenaline training, and this only comes with group training, and the games, which I have been waiting impatiently for, until my return, I train daily according to a training program developed by the technical team of the Roma team, and from time to time group training is organized through video communication, as I consult Also with the coaches of the loads in the technical team of the Bosnia national team in order to maintain my level of physical fitness.

Two classics from recent years ... ✨

But which one is your favorite - and which are you sending through to the quarter-finals?

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Does this mean that you are totally committed to sanitary insulation?

Yes, my family and I in Italy did not leave the house for about two months, and we had to adapt to domestic life, and my wife plays a big role in creating games and activities that are attractive to children to the point that I personally enjoy playing with them, frankly, we spend fun times at home as a family.

As Ambassador of UNICEF, I invite all children to join the "My Hero You Are" project launched by the organization to support children to overcome the Corona crisis and overcome the difficulties of staying at home.

Djeca s autizmom imaju ogroman potencijal. Danas, na Svjetski dan podizanja svijesti o autizmu potisnimo stereotipe i borimo se protiv stigme i diskriminacije jer #DijeteJeDijete! 💙

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Roma players have waived their salaries for several months to tackle the Corona virus, is this the result of pressure from the club or an initiative from the players?

The Roma team is characterized by mutual understanding with the management of the club and we all deal as one family, before we are a sports club, and I think that if we do not help each other, it is difficult to overcome such situations, so we waived our salaries for several months to help the club to overcome this difficult period.

The club's activities have extended to many charitable activities to help hospitals, and to help the older fans of Rome, the club makes every effort to serve the Italian community, and today I am more proud of being a member of this team.

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As a Muslim player, what are your memoriesWith the holy month of Ramadan?

To start with, I would like to congratulate the Arab and Islamic world on the month of Ramadan, which came this year is different and I hope we can get out of it and everyone is fine, and I remember that when I was a child, Ramadan was for me a very special occasion, I do not forget the smell of food, especially bread, while preparing for breakfast, and we play in front of Home with friends Until breakfast time comes, I do not forget the memories of my childhood even though I spent part of it during the war.


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Some football stars have ended their professional lives in Arab clubs, are you thinking about that?

Although I am 34 years old, I am not yet thinking about the end of my career as a player, and I believe that there is still a lot that I can achieve in Europe,However, I cannot predict what the future holds, and therefore I cannot say that I will end my career in Europe, perhaps in America, or in an Arab country, that will be interesting.

Do you wish to participate in the World Cup in Qatar 2022, and what are your expectations for the first World Cup held in an Arab country?

Of course, I am glad to be there in Qatar with my country, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as long as I have the strength and the coach has chosen me, and I follow well the preparations of Qatar for the World Cup, and I see that the organizers have and are still doing a great job, to make the atmosphere suitable for all players from different countries, so I have no doubt that it will be Organized, one of the best World Cup tournaments.