Next Summer World Championships in Fukuoka Fukuoka Tournament Postponed to May next year May 4, 20:27

In response to the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics, the International Federation of Swimming announced on the 4th that it will postpone the scheduled world championship of swimming in Fukuoka next summer in May next year.

The World Championships for Swimming is an international tournament that is held every two years, and the next tournament was scheduled to be held in Fukuoka City from July 16th next year.

It was the first time in 20 years in Japan, and it was expected that about 2400 athletes would participate in 6 competitions including competitive swimming and artistic swimming.

However, the International Federation of Swimming has decided to postpone the tournament on 4th as a result of discussions with the organizing committee of the tournament to be created in Fukuoka City, etc., because the tournament schedule, which was postponed for one year, partially overlaps the tournament schedule. Did.

The new tournament schedule will be 17 days from May 13th to 29th next year.

The International Federation of Swimming has commented, "This decision is the best we can do for all the participants now. We look forward to seeing the world's best athletes compete in Fukuoka in 2022."

In response to the postponement, the Organizing Committee of the convention will review the recruitment period for volunteers and request the cooperation of event operators using the venue in May every year.