Tricks and Alternative Workouts

Russian gymnast Nikita Nagorny continues to participate in various challenges and perform spectacular stunts. This time he decided to repeat the exercise from the video, in which the athlete does a few back flips in one place with great speed. Three-time world champion almost managed to do the same, however, with less frequency.

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Posted by Nikita Nagorny (@nikushkarus) Apr 30, 2020 at 8:36 am PDT

Unlike his colleague, Alexandra Soldatova comes up with her own ways of maintaining shape, while demonstrating the perfect stretch. The gymnast has repeatedly shown how to apply her skills in everyday life. This time, she rode on a scooter with one leg on her shoulder.

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Publication by Alexsandra Soldatova. (@ soldy21) Apr 25, 2020 at 8:20 PDT

Two-time European champion Laysan Utyasheva has long completed her professional career, but it can still give odds to younger colleagues. She posted a comic recipe for cutlets on her Instagram page, which included the items “dress up in a dress” and “dance”. A video is attached to the post, in which the presenter sits on the twine on the kitchen table.

In addition, she urged subscribers to follow suit and do their chores in a smart way, and share the result on social networks.

“Situation: swept through the kitchen. Today, only cutlets ... ”, wrote Utyasheva.

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Posted by Laysan Utyasheva (@liasanutiasheva) Apr 30, 2020 at 12:19 pm PDT

Gymnastics skills still have to learn the defender of the “Wings of the Soviets” Dmitry Kombarov. He climbed a children's slide in the yard to perform somersaults. However, the deal didn’t reach the jump: the football player was going to spirit for a long time, but he didn’t dare to jump.

If it’s not so difficult for gymnasts to organize a full-fledged training at home, then hockey players in this regard have a lot more difficulties. Sometimes, not only the lack of an ice rink, but also family members who have other plans for free time interfere.

New Jersey Devils defender P-Kay Subban arranged a training session with a club and a ping-pong ball in the hallway of his house. At this moment, the bride, the ex-skier Lindsay Vonn, came out to meet him with a vacuum cleaner. A struggle ensued between the athletes, which ended in the victory of the girl: the defeated hockey player was on the floor.

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Posted by LINDSEY • VONN (@lindseyvonn) Apr 29, 2020 at 11:48 PDT

It is not easy and the ex-first racket of the world Serena Williams. Probably, she missed tennis so much that she decided to arrange a match in which she herself acted as both rivals. The rally ended after one of them failed to respond to the twisted kick. After its completion, the “tennis players” exchanged compliments.

An alternative training option was shared by Formula 1 pilot Walteri Bottas. He keeps fit by chopping wood.

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Posted by Valtteri Bottas (@valtteribottas) May 2, 2020 at 1:01 PDT

A similar approach is followed by Akhmat midfielder Denis Glushakov.

"Woodcutter. Congratulations to all on May 1. Peace Labor may! For football without wood, ”the player wrote.

Not everyone managed to survive quarantine without injuries. Norwegian skier Johannes Klebo published a picture in which his little finger and ring finger are pulled by a fixing tape. Judging by the signature “Oops, I did it again”, we are talking about the second turning point in three months. The fact is that in early February, the three-time Olympic champion already suffered similar damage, because of which he had to miss several stages of the World Cup.

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Posted by Johannes Høsflot Klæbo (@johanneshk) May 1, 2020 at 9:13 PDT

Hobbies and new professions

On self-isolation, many athletes open themselves from unexpected sides. So, Zenit midfielder Alexander Erokhin admitted that he began to develop cooking, for which he did not have enough time before. He admitted that he did not even think that he could succeed.

“I stumbled upon a recipe for a vegetarian banana pie.” The first time it turned out not like in the picture, but tasty. My son especially checked out - I added some cocoa to the pie, Fedya ate and said that it looked like chocolate, ”the footballer said in an interview with GQ.

If Erokhin after quarantine can safely go to the cooks, his teammate Vyacheslav Karavaev will find himself in another matter. The footballer said that he had been interested in watches for a long time, but this hobby, like many, is not limited to buying expensive copies. According to him, after quarantine, he plans to start training at a watchmaking school.

“They tell how mechanisms are arranged, you can even create your own copy under the guidance of a master. And since childhood, I like to mess with small details, to design. I’ll definitely do it in my free time, but after quarantine, ”said Karavaev.

The Russian language teacher jokingly recorded the former striker of the "Vanguard" Jaromir Jagr. A record of his goal appeared in the club’s Instagram in the playoff match with Metallurg of the 2004/2005 season. The hockey player joined the discussion of the episode and recalled that in that meeting he scored twice and scored two points for assists, and then asked to clarify the composition of the Magnitogorsk team. He did this in broken Russian, using the Czech alphabet.

In response, the Avangard press service published a separate post on the Czech commentary.

“We open notebooks, write down the number. For spellchecking - in a comment under the post the year before last, Jaromir teaches there, ”they joked on the team.

An excellent knowledge of the Russian language was also demonstrated by the former defender of basketball CSKA and Dynamo Trajan Langdon, now holding the position of general manager of Pelicans. He took part in the traditional rubric of the University of Louisiana, in the framework of which it is necessary to translate several English phrases into another language.

Pelicans GM Trajan Langdon translates common New Orleans phrases into Russian for Translation Thursday! #HomeTeamTV | @ / BSL5AqfZKo

- New Orleans Pelicans (@PelicansNBA) April 30, 2020

Tennis player Elina Svitolina is a big fan of dances and regularly shares them on social networks. Do not lag behind a colleague and the Russian Daria Kasatkina. She repeated the movements of the Ukrainian, but it turned out to be quite funny with her.

“I tried my best, what do you guys say? The cat’s look, the grace of potatoes, ”Kasatkina said.

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Posted by Daria Kasatkina🐬 (@kasatkina) May 1, 2020 at 6:44 PDT

And the pilot of Ferrari Charles Lecler during a pandemic is engaged in his usual business. He sat behind the wheel of a Red Cross van and delivers groceries to senior residents of his native Monaco.

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Publication by FORMULA 1® (@ f1) Apr 30, 2020 at 12:40 PDT

Nostalgia and time with family

Due to the lack of competition, many representatives of the sports world have the opportunity to spend more time with their families, which they are usually deprived of due to a busy schedule. Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo showed his son Madeira, his native island. And the head coach of Rostov Valery Karpin boasted of his daughter’s achievement. The specialist’s wife Daria tried to teach the girl to speak her name, but she persistently repeated “dad”.

“A very correct girl is growing,” Karpin wrote.

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Posted by Valeri Karpin (@vgkarpin) May 1, 2020 at 8:58 PDT

At the same time, his wife jokingly suggested that she would rather become a grandmother than give birth again, as her lifestyle has changed significantly lately.

“I bought an apron ... For the first time in my life. I knit socks every night to the family. I cook compotes, bake charlotte ... Maybe we should wait for my grandchildren, and not my son? ”Daria joked.

Many are attached to the memories of young years and share frames from this time. So, the forward of “Pittsburgh” Evgeni Malkin published his photo with the caption “Sex Symbol of the 2000s”. And the midfielder of Lokomotiv Anton Miranchuk proved to be 14 years old. According to the player, during this time he almost did not change.

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Publication by Evgeni Malkin (@ e.malkin71geno) Apr 29, 2020 at 9:58 am PDT

Forward “Zenith” Artyom Dziuba also decided to recall his childhood and assembled a toy army from the designer.

“What to do with self-isolation, in addition to playing sports and children? Collect Lego Army. Fun lesson. Someone collects puzzles, someone else else, and here we are ... We live like that, ”said Dzyuba.

However, both athletes and fans want life, and with it sports, to return to their usual course. The famous Russian actor Alexander Petrov admitted that he wants to return to the stadium. In turn, the players and employees of CSKA took part in the “bored flash mob”, whose participants talk about what they most lack for self-isolation.

🕊⚒ On the Day of Spring and Labor, we want to admit to you that we all # CSKA miss our usual work and, of course, the full stadium of fans! 🔴🔵

Join the #bored flashmob and believe that soon everything will return to their places! 👌🏼

- PFC CSKA Moscow (@pfc_cska) May 1, 2020

The inability to leave home affects everyone in different ways. Tennis player Daniil Medvedev literally began to howl from boredom. He published a funny video in which he “sings along” to his dog.

Missing tennis like ........

- Daniil Medvedev (@DaniilMedwed) May 2, 2020