87-year-old Yuichiro Miura “Climbing Everest” Training video released on April 27, 21:22

While the number of opportunities to go out has decreased due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, Yuichiro Miura, an adventurer who was the oldest in the world and succeeded in climbing Everest, discloses training at home that can be done at home in the image of climbing Everest on the website started.

87-year-old Miura is an adventurer who succeeded in climbing Everest at the age of 80, and he is still training for new mountaineering.

Given that the number of people going out is decreasing and the number of people lacking exercise is increasing, Mr. Miura began publishing training methods at home on his website under the title "Each Everest".

A one-month program that I devised with my son, Gota, a professional skier (50).
▽ Preparatory exercise incorporating ski movements,
▽ Climbing training to climb up and down stairs and steps,
▽ Walking around home It is

In addition, in order to get the image of the summit of Everest, the website also publishes a diary and photos when Mr. Miura reached the summit at the age of 80.

Mr. Miura said, "I want older people of the same generation as me to take time to train while taking breaks. I think that as your physical strength increases, your feelings will become more positive."

The training will be published daily on the website until the 23rd of next month.