The Sharjah club player and the former national team described the adviser Salem Hadid, the player to the English club Liverpool, Mohamed Salah, as his favorite star in the world, pointing out that as a former player happy that there are four of his sons who followed his path in the service of Emirates football, they are "Mohammed, although unfortunately he did not continue much In the stadiums, Fahd is currently continuing, and Saeed is a good player but he did not get his chance to appear, next to Aziz, who is awaiting a brilliant future and currently playing in the Sunni stages of the Sharjah Club, "pointing out that the highest financial reward he got throughout his career with football reached 15 One thousand dirhams of a prominent personality, whose name has not yet been registered Two goals in Al Ain club’s goal in one stroke, although he was ill and left the stadium in the second half, in the 81-82 season league championship, describing the former Sudanese Al-Nasr players Muhammad Hussein Kassala and Al-Fadil Santo as two of the best foreign players in the UAE league during the seventies and eighties .

Salem Hadid told Emirates Today speaking about his career with football: “My start with football was in the early seventies by playing in the fairy tale and I was playing in the League of Champions and we were young players buying uniforms from shirts and we were playing on sand without sneakers, I moved from Al-Hawari teams to the former Arabian Gulf Club in Sharjah before merging with Al-Oruba Club, and that was during the month of Ramadan and the first to oversee my training in the Gulf Club was the late Alaa Al-Niyazi and then I trained in the Gulf Club with the national coach Ahmed Al-Fardan as well as Captain Yakan.

Salem Hadid revealed that he was influenced during his football career by a number of players such as the former Sharjah players, artist Jassem Mohamed and the creative player Jumaa Rabee, and Haider Omar Maestro previously in the Sharjah midfield. Salem Boushnin, who he described as a fictional player, next to Rajab Abdul Rahman.

"Among the foreign players affected by them are the former Sudanese Al-Nasr players, Mohamed Hussein Kassala and Al-Fadil Santo, who are considered to be among the best foreign players in the UAE league at that time," added Salem Hadid.

In response to a question about the number of goals he scored during his football career, Salem Hadid continued, "The number of goals I scored was many, as I was one of the scorer of the Al-Sharefah team and reached more than 50 goals despite the presence of distinguished foreign players at that time in the UAE league, while my goals with the team reached about 20 Aim during official and friendly matches. "

Salem Hadid promised that the most beautiful goal he scored was against Al-Ahly youth in the 81-82 season when he fired a ball 25 meters from the goal in the goal of the goalkeeper at the time Abdullah Moussa, indicating that the most difficult position he was exposed to was depriving him of not participating in the team match Against Al-Wasl because of receiving the third warning and the result of this match will lead Sharjah to win the league title in the event of a 2-2 win or draw.

Salem Hadid pointed out that the former Yugoslav club coach of Sharjah complained about why he appeared at the time, while his joining to play in the youth team during the era of the English coach Don Rifi, noting that the latter was the first to start laying the first block for the Emirates team to be in The ranks of Arab and regional teams in the year 78.

"The match that was the reason for my popularity with the first team at the Sharjah Club was against Al-Wasl at Sharjah Stadium in the year 76 and it was 15 years old and I played in the second half and scored the winning goal after we were tied 1-1 and the match ended with Sharjah winning 3-1," added Salem Hadid. With the most expensive goal I scored from a penalty against Al Ain in the President’s Cup final, it was a weighty goal and I was then the youngest player in the competition and Sharjah won that victory over his first title in the President’s Cup in the 78-79 season. ”

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