When Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho was asked about the best ever between fellow Cristiano Ronaldo and Argentine Lionel Messi, another player chose his bounty over the two stars who have won the most gold ball in its history.

Mourinho chose former Brazilian striker Ronaldo Nazario, known as the phenomenon Ronaldo, the greatest soccer player of all times, and he had worked with him at the beginning of his coaching career as an assistant to Barcelona coach Bobby Robson.

"Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi have enjoyed staying on top for 15 years, but if we are seriously talking about talent and skill, then no one beats Ronaldo (Nazario)," said the current Spurs coach.

The phenomenon Ronaldo vs Lazio in the European Union final 1998 is not
normal phenomenon ❤️


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"When he was playing (phenomenon Ronaldo) in Barcelona with Bobby Robson, I realized that he was the best player I've ever seen on the field, his talent at the age of 19 was just unbelievable," Mourinho added.

One of the most beautiful goals of the phenomenon Ronaldo with Barcelona pic.twitter.com/alYgvf0DeQ

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This player wore one shirt for Barcelona in 1996-1997, scored 34 great goals in 37 games, crowned the Golden Ball as the best player in the world in 1997, and repeated the coronation in 2002 after leading Brazil to crown the World Cup.

On this day,

Ronaldo eliminated the dreams of the Red Devils in the Champions League with three historical goals, and United fans stood up to respect him pic.twitter.com/T3qJcEjlWB

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The Brazilian star scored 352 goals in 518 games in all competitions during his football career, and had it not been for the repeated injuries he could have won the Golden Ball several times, and knee injuries ended his professional career in Europe in 2008 when he was a player in Milan, to return to the Brazilian league before retiring completely In 2011, he is 33 years old.