Former Egypt goalkeeper Issam El-Hadary explained that there are a number of football stars in Egypt who have been able to dig their names in the history of Egyptian football, praising the great role played by Mohamed Salah, but he stressed that the international player and Liverpool's scorer lacks only one thing in order to engrave his name in History of Egyptian football.

Mohamed Salah had succeeded in leading Egypt to the presence in the World Cup Russia 2018, which is the tournament in which Hatra played and scored himself the largest player in the history of the World Cup tournaments.

Al-Hadary said while hosting the "Sheikh Al-Hara" program broadcast on the "Cairo and the People" channel: "From my point of view, Salah has achieved championships with Liverpool, Rome and Chelsea, and he is a player at the highest level, he is currently a role model for any player in the world, not only in Egypt, but the only thing Who lacks Mohamed Salah and did not achieve it, to win a continental championship with the Egyptian team. "
The former international guard added: "Mohamed Salah is not alone the best in Egypt, if we talked about Mahmoud El-Khatib and Mohamed Abu Trika, we find them did not reach the world level that the top scorer of Liverpool, Mohamed Salah, reached, but for the Egyptian fans are myths."