Jordanian international star Yassin Al-Bakhit revealed that his parents' prayers were a reason for joining Al Dhafra Club, who signed his statements just two hours after he was informed of the decision to dispense with his services by his former club, Ittihad Kalba, indicating that this scene doubled his confidence and his artistic potential, He served 10 teams in three patrols: (Jordanian, Saudi, and Emirati).

Al-Bakhit told «Emirates Today»: “I thank the Al Dhafra Club, which put its trust in me, and confirmed my true artistic value, and I, thanks to the parents’ prayers, have not waited more than two hours for the new contract, since I was informed that I have been dispensed by the Kalba Union. ”

Bakhit, the former player of the Jordan Yarmouk Club, previously played for more than one club in the Saudi League, as he represented cooperation, Al-Faisali, Al-Itifaq and Al-Shoala, then he returned to his country to play for the Jordanian Al-Faisali, then moved to the Emirates to play for the clubs of Hatta, Dibba Al-Fujairah, Al-Kalba and then Al-Dhafra

Al Bakhit added: “In my opinion, the Arab Gulf League is one of the strongest leagues in which I played, or that I know closely, so I love the Arab Gulf League, and it has added a lot to me, strengthened my technical capabilities, and I am honored with the love of the Emirati and Jordanian fans and all the fans for me and my encouragement on and off the field It suffices that I was chosen in the Asian Championship that was held in the UAE, the best Jordanian player in that tournament, and among the top 10 players in the Asian continent, and I play in the UAE league ».

And about the secret of not joining the big clubs or the mass clubs, such as: Al Ain and the youth of Al-Ahly and Al-Jazeera, and his content with competing clubs to stay, including: Hatta and the Federation of Kalba and Dibba Al-Fujairah, Bakhit said: “I was and still wish to play for a large team with its aspirations, in order to offer the highest possible level of Technical capabilities, and I am happy that my dream came true after joining Al Dhafra, despite the delay, and Al Dhafra is a great team by all standards and meets my aspirations, but at the same time, I consider all the clubs that I represented in my appreciation are great clubs and distinguished by their aspirations, and it is enough that when I was chosen as the best Jordanian player in Asian Championship 2019, I was one of the players in Dibba Al-Fujairah, and I am proud of that, and the period I spent in Hatta and the Union of Kalba also, despite their short terms, and there are coaches who like that, but I do not want to reach the good standing in the hearts of people in general, and the coaches in particular, except with the technical level I offer. ”

He continued, "I naturally do not speak much, nor do I ask myself as some of the other players do, so the opportunity to join a club was delayed by the size, standing, and aspirations of the big clubs."

He continued: “I cherish the audience’s testimony, praise and encouragement for me, and some of them say that I am unlucky because I did not play with the teams that compete in titles, and I may agree with them to do so, but I am happy, and I see that every team that wore its shirt is a big team, whatever its position, despite The language of football does not recognize this, especially in the era of professionalism, and it does not consider the big team except those who win titles and cups.

Al-Bakhit said: “I look forward to the final match of the President’s Cup, regardless of the other competitions.

Regarding the secret of not continuing for a longer period in the clubs that he joins, Bakhit said: “It is up to the coaches and their perception of the player, and the technical and intellectual specifications he enjoys, and he is proud that since he joined the UAE clubs he is chosen as the fastest player, and the most attractive to attacks, which are two important qualities that must "The footballer has to deal with them."

He added: "I cherish all the days I spent in every club wearing my shirt, and I have a good relationship with everyone."

Regarding his expectation of a possible scenario for the establishment or cancellation of the Arab Gulf League, Bakhit said: “I expect that it will be difficult to return to competitions, otherwise players are nominated for possible injuries, and that setting up with 16 teams in the next season is more important than clubs being affected by injuries. As for me, I train daily. Of course, at home, this is not enough, but overall health and safety remain the most important of all. ”

Jordanian star:

"Every team that wore its shirt is a big team, whatever its position."

"I hope my big dream will be fulfilled, which is to win the expensive cup."

"It is difficult to return to competitions ... possible injuries when matches are completed."


Bakhit witnessed the brilliance of the Jordanian team in the Asian Cup.