Professional baseball giant Mr. Hara and others donated 50 million yen to 5 people Supporting medical professionals April 24, 16:56

Five people, including professional baseball giant Giant Tatsunori Hara and ace pitcher Tomoyuki Kanno, donated a total of 50 million yen to Tokyo to support people working at medical institutions for the new coronavirus.

The five donations were made by professional baseball giant Gibara Hara, Shinnosuke Abe 2nd coach, pitcher Sugano, Hayato Sakamoto, and Yoshihiro Maru.

At the medical field in Tokyo, where the team is headquartered, each of the five people will spend 50 million yen on the 24th for a total of 10 million yen to support medical personnel who treat patients infected with the new coronavirus. , Donated to Tokyo.

Depending on the capital, donations can be used for activities such as medical institutions and mask purchase costs.

In a video message, Director Hara says, "It's all about eliminating the corona infection. We thank and thank the health care professionals. It's a tough job, but thank you." The team also donated 40,000 masks, which are lacking at medical sites, to the capital.

In addition, since five directors including Hara wanted to broadly support the general public, the parent company of the team established the “Tokyo Corona Medical Assistance Fund” to collect donations.

Pitcher Sugano "Everyone Can Help with the New Fund"

Ace's pitcher Tomoyuki Kanno, who called on the team to support this time, said in a video message, `` We may be limited in what we can do now, but we can do our best to help the medical field in a difficult situation. I would like everyone to join the circle of support, "he also called for the cooperation of the newly established fund.

In addition, captain Hayato Sakamoto said, "I hope that even in the days when we can't play games, we can return to the everyday life of enjoying sports as much as possible. I will support you together ".

In addition, Mr. Yoshihiro Maru, who is the main axis, said, "I would like to thank all the medical staff who are fighting to protect the lives of many infected people in the medical field next to the danger of infection. Let's do our best together without defeating corona." I sent an ale.