The KNVB has confirmed the already leaked outcome of the consultation with the professional clubs about the settlement of the Eredivisie at 6.05 pm. These are the decisions:

  • ADO The Hague and RKC maintain themselves
  • No promotion Cambuur and De Graafschap
  • No title for Ajax, but number one
  • No European football FC Utrecht

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Willem II: 'Milestone in our history'
Willem II's champagne has been uncorked after it became clear that the club from Tilburg had qualified for the preliminary round of the Europa League. "Finishing fifth and thus achieving European football is a milestone in our club history and the crowning moment of a very good season so far," said managing director Martin van Geel. "We are appropriately happy and proud of that. However, we also empathize with clubs for which this decision has unpleasant consequences."

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The KNVB has made the right decision by not allowing promotion / relegation to take place between the Eredivisie and the Kitchen Champion Division, as a result of which ADO and RKC maintain themselves and Cambuur and De Graafschap miss out on promotion.

  • once
  • Disagree

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The reactions of the duped clubs in a nutshell:

  • SC Cambuur: 'Biggest disgrace in sports history'
  • De Graafschap: 'This is so unjust'
  • FC Utrecht: ' Unacceptable that the cup is ignored'

For the time being, only cup finalist FC Utrecht has announced that he will go to court to challenge the decision of the KNVB not to grant the Domstedelingen a European ticket.

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AZ does not agree with the distribution of European tickets
AZ does not agree in advance with a ticket for the qualifying round of the Champions League. The Alkmaarders do not agree with the way in which the KNVB has come to a decision. "AZ asked Friday afternoon, just as with promotion / relegation, to first investigate support for the exact method of interpretation. But the KNVB immediately rejected this," said director Robert Eenhoorn. "The KNVB asked that support Friday afternoon when it comes to the decision to promote / relegate. We are considering this situation."

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Hall and junior competition also canceled In addition to the Eredivisie and the Eredivisie for Women, the Eredivisie Hall and the spring competition of the Eredivisie U19 will no longer be resumed, the KNVB has announced in a press release. No champion is declared in either competition. In the hall, Hovocubo as a frontrunner receives a ticket for the Champions League. Number one AZ runs away with the juniors on the field with the UEFA Youth League admission ticket.

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Van Seumeren: "Why can't the final be played?"
Frans van Seumeren, major shareholder at FC Utrecht, thinks that the cup final should still be played. The KNVB also today put a line through the cup tournament, in which the Domstedelingen reached the final. "Then it will only be played in September. Why would that not be possible? Everything will move on?" Van Seumeren wonders in conversation with RTV Utrecht .

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FC Utrecht confirms: move to judge
FC Utrecht confirms that the club is going to the supply judge and UEFA to enforce a European ticket. "It is unacceptable for FC Utrecht that the cup competition, which has not been played after one game, is completely ignored and does not count in the consideration of which club is entitled to a European ticket on sporting grounds," said the cup finalist. The cup winner would automatically qualify for the Europa League group stage.

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ADO Den Haag: 'Of course this provides relief'
ADO Den Haag is not overly happy either. "Of course, this result provides clarity and also relief," says general director Mohammed Hamdi. "It is an exceptional end to a difficult season. Because it was difficult, everyone knows. Nevertheless, we would have wanted to play safely again with a final sprint in the last eight rounds. To put it simply, of course, but the faith was still there."

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KNVB: 'Decision completely on shoulders of the board'
The KNVB says about the vote on the settlement of the competition: "Consultation shows that there was no clear preference for one of the options. The result was 16 for and 9 against promotion / relegation, and 9 blank votes. This puts the decision entirely on the shoulders of the professional football board. That decision was therefore made. "

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KNVB: 'No UEFA regulations for promotion / relegation'
The KNVB makes its first appearance after the decision not to declare Ajax the champion, not to let ADO and RKC be relegated and to promote SC Cambuur and De Graafschap. freeze. "Unlike European football where we have been asked to make choices in accordance with UEFA guidelines, no promotion / relegation rules apply from UEFA. Since many rounds remain to be played in the leagues, we believe that we are not promoting / can apply degradation and it is decided ", said the union.

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Eredivisie first league that has ended
The Eredivisie is the first league in Europe that has ended prematurely as a result of the corona crisis. The competition is also being discussed in Belgium and Scotland, but the decision process has not yet been completed there.

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'FC Utrecht goes to provisional judge and UEFA'
FC Utrecht is taking legal action to still obtain a European ticket. Football International reports this  . According to the weekly, the Domstedelingen challenge the KNVB's decision not to give the club a ticket for European football to both the supply judge and UEFA. As a result, the number six in the Eredivisie can continue to sue CAS, the highest legal organ in sport.

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Feyenoord: 'Nothing is yet certain about European ticket'
Feyenoord is not yet running a polonaise now that the club as number three in the Eredivisie is certain of a ticket for the group stage of the Europa League. "Ultimately, UEFA will decide on this and, like all other European tickets, will decide by May 27th. So nothing is certain yet," says general director Mark Koevermans to the  AD . "It would of course be good for Feyenoord if this is ultimately the outcome."

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RKC: 'Happy but there is nothing to celebrate'
RKC Waalwijk is happy that the club will also be active in the Eredivisie next season due to the decision of the KNVB, but finds it inappropriate to celebrate a party. "Last season we received our PhD in a way that makes football so beautiful," general director Frank van Mosselveld told the AD. "The way we stay in the premier league is in stark contrast. You only win on the field. There is nothing to celebrate. That would be inappropriate."

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Pruning seething: 'This is so unjust'
Mike Snoei, trainer of De Graafschap, is seething after the decision of the KNVB not to allow the club from Doetinchem to be promoted to the Eredivisie. 'The Super Farmers' occupy second place in the Kitchen Champion Division. "The disappointment is enormous, not normal. This is so unjust," says Snoei at Omroep Gelderland . "Also because the lead is so enormous."

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FC Utrecht will engage 'all lawyers who are there'
Frans van Seumeren, major shareholder of FC Utrecht, will engage 'all lawyers who are there' to cancel the KNVB decision to challenge the cup final and not to challenge the Domstedelingen to appoint a European ticket . That says the striking resident of De Meern to  RTV Utrecht . The regional station does not state whether FC Utrecht will go to court. FC Utrecht, cup finalist and number six in the Eredivisie, is one of the most heavily damaged clubs in the Eredivisie.

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'This is the biggest shame in Dutch sport'
Henk de Jong, trainer of SC Cambuur, makes mincemeat of the KNVB decision. "This feels to me as the greatest disgrace from Dutch sport ever. You will be responsible for this decision, you will carry it with you all your life," says a raging De Jong at the NOS . He does not understand that his club as a leader in the Kitchen Champion Division does not promote to the Eredivisie. "If you have UEFA, the vote and the rankings, but I think there are other things when you make this decision. I don't remember what sports are."

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The season in the Eredivisie has ended. Ajax, AZ, Feyenoord, PSV and Willem II will enter Europe and ADO Den Haag and RKC Waalwijk will continue. But there are more conclusions.

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Evgeniy Levchenko, chairman of the players' union VVCS, reports on Twitter that the Central Player Council (CSR) has deliberately not participated in the KNVB's decision not to declare a champion and not to promote / relegate in the Eredivisie. The CSR consists of players from Dutch professional football and normally has advisory right in decisions of the KNVB about professional football.

@players union “CSR does not judge colleagues” It turned out to be impossible and undesirable for the CSR players to make a choice. They do not want to act in the interests of their colleagues and certainly do not harm them. And do not allow yourself to be guided by your own interests.

AvatarAvatar Author Levchenko Evgeniy Time of places 17: 25 - 24 April 2020

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'Solidarity fund for duped clubs'
According to Keje Molenaar, board member of FC Volendam, the KNVB is going to set up a solidarity fund, from which the duped clubs can receive an amount to compensate for the financial loss suffered. Due to the KNVB decision, SC Cambuur and De Graafschap miss promotion to the Eredivisie, FC Utrecht does not play European football and the period titles of NAC Breda and FC Volendam lose their value. "Eric Gudde has confirmed that there will be a pot that will also compensate NAC and Volendam. A point of solidarity where teams who could have fetched something will receive an amount."

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'No majority due to nine abstentions'
De Graaf, in conversation with VI,  outlines  the relationships in the voting among the clubs about the promotion / relegation between the Eredivisie and the Kitchen Champion Division. "Sixteen clubs are in favor, nine are against. Then you have an obvious majority. But the nine clubs that did not vote have now concluded that there is no majority for the decision. It is unbelievable."

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SC Cambuur furious about KNVB decision: 'Incomprehensible'
SC Cambuur reacts furiously to the KNVB's decision to freeze promotion to the Eredivisie this season. The Frisian club was the leader in the Kitchen Champion Division. "It is incomprehensible what you experience on such a digital afternoon," said general director Ard de Graaf at  Voetbal International . He does not want to say whether the club goes to court. "We have just received this message and need to let this work on us for a while. What an amazing puppet show."

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No champion in Eredivisie
for the first time It would be the first time in the Eredivisie's 64th anniversary that no champion has been declared. The last time that there was no champion at the highest football level was in World War II, in 1945. The Eredivisie would not be established until eleven years later.

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Hans Nijland, the striking former director of FC Groningen, criticizes the KNVB's conduct when completing the competitions. Due to the federation decision, ADO Den Haag and RKC Waalwijk maintain themselves in the Eredivisie and SC Cambuur and De Graafschap take the next level of promotion to the highest level.

Incomprehensible that you put promotion / relegation at clubs in the mood. For now and in the future this will create even more divisions among themselves. Have to do with Cambuur and De Graafschap.

AvatarAvatar Author Hans Nijland Moment of places 17: 09 - 24 April 2020

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According to  Voetbal International  , the board of professional football of the KNVB has definitively distributed the European tickets. According to the weekly, this is what it looks like:

Champions League:  Ajax
Champions League:  AZ
Europa League:  Feyenoord
Europa League:  PSV
Europa League:  Willem II

FC Utrecht, the number six in the league and cup finalist, would miss European football.

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NOS: 'Ajax not declared national champion'
Ajax is not declared national champion, the board of professional football of the KNVB has decided. That reports the NOS . The Amsterdammers qualify as number one in the league for the Champions League. Due to government measures against the corona virus, the competition cannot be completed this season. Ajax has as many points as AZ, but a better goal difference.

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'FC Utrecht will file a lawsuit against KNVB'
FC Utrecht will file a lawsuit against KNVB now that the Domstedelingen are grabbing a ticket for European football. The Brabants Dagblad  writes this  on the authority of sources. According to the latest reports, Willem II as number five in the Eredivisie wins the last ticket for the Europa League. FC Utrecht is a cup finalist and would automatically qualify for the group stage of the European club tournament if they win.

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The news about the enforcement of ADO Den Haag and RKC Waalwijk in the Eredivisie seems to be correct. SC Cambuur posts a crying emoticon on Twitter. The Frisian club, the unapproachable leader in the Kitchen Champion Division, will miss promotion to the highest level due to the decision of the KNVB.


AvatarAuthor SC Cambuur (gewoan 🏠) Time of places16: 50 - April 24, 2020

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The KNVB has not yet officially announced anything, but several media report that the union has indeed decided to end the season without promotion and relegation. That means good news for ADO Den Haag and RKC Waalwijk, which will therefore also be active in the Eredivisie next season, and bad news for SC Cambuur and De Graafschap, who have to stay in the Kitchen Champion Division after the summer.

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However, according to Telegraaf reporter Mike Verweij, the KNVB ignores the vote and determines no relegation and no promotion.

Bullet through church: @ADODenHaag and @RKCWAALWIJK remain in @eredivisie. Justice

AvatarAvatar Author Mike Verweij Time of places 16: 47 - 24 April 2020

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This, according to VI reporter Chris Tempelman, is the result of the vote.

Sixteen for relegation, nine against, nine neutral.

AvatarAuthor Chris Tempelman Time of places 16: 45 - 24 April 2020

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It is getting more special by the minute: VI reports that the meeting, which takes place by means of a conference call, cannot be resumed because the mailbox of a KNVB employee is full. Clubs could vote on the promotion / relegation scheme via this address, but it ended up on the street, so many outsiders also took the opportunity to email.

Finish Eredivisie2 hours ago

The supporters of ADO Den Haag, RKC Waalwijk, SC Cambuur and De Graafschap now also seem to be able to influence the result of the vote ...

To complete this piece of cabaret from the KNVB. The email address where the votes should go seems to have been leaked. I read this as: a random supporter of ADO, RKC, De Graafschap or Cambuur who e-mails: "We vote for option 2. Greetings Heracles"

AvatarAvatar Author Freek Jansen Moment of places 16: 29 - 24 April 2020

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At VVV-Venlo they have other things on their mind than the mood. The Limburgers, who as the number thirteen of the Eredivisie also have little to worry about the result, start the Friday afternoon drink.

YEEEEHEEOOOHOOOHOOOOH étThe start of your weekend. 🤭🎶 #VVVrijmibo #VVVSamenSterk

AvatarAvatar Author VVV-Venlo Moment of places 16: 24 - 24 April 2020

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The vote has ended. At sc Heerenveen, AZ, Feyenoord and PSV (the last three had already indicated before the meeting that they would not choose), as far as known, all clubs from the Eredivisie and Keuken Kampioen Division voted anonymously on one of the two scenarios. The KNVB should publish the results in a few minutes.

Finish Eredivisie · 3 hours ago

Heerenveen refuses to vote
sc Heerenveen refuses to vote for either of the two scenarios. "The KNVB has made it known that it is important to hear the opinion of the clubs in order to reach a democratic decision," says general director Cees Roozemond. "However, it is not up to us to decide the fate of a fellow club. That is not our role. We have therefore not voted. We believe that the ball is at the KNVB when it comes to completing the 2019/20 season. "

Finish Eredivisie · 3 hours ago

The meeting was closed until 4.10 pm so that the clubs can vote (anonymously). The result will be announced around 4:30 PM by the KNVB, which will then decide what will definitely happen with this season. FC Utrecht and AZ, according to VI, reproached the association in the first part of the meeting for not being transparent about the distribution of European tickets.

Finish Eredivisie · 3 hours ago

The meeting was temporarily suspended. The Eredivisie and Keuken Kampioen Divisie clubs can now vote for one of the two scenarios that were leaked earlier in the day: no relegation and no promotion or relegation and promotion. These are exciting moments for ADO Den Haag, RKC Waalwijk, SC Cambuur and De Graafschap.

Finish Eredivisie · 3 hours ago

The KNVB and the clubs from the Eredivisie and Keuken Kampioen Divisie have now been discussing the end of this season in both competitions for an hour. This therefore concerns a possible championship, the distribution of European tickets and the promotion / relegation scheme. Nothing has come out in the past hour, so more news remains.

Complete Eredivisie · 4 hours ago

Heerenveen denounces decision-making KNVB
SC Heerenveen-chairman Cees Roozemond has no good word about the decision-making of the KNVB, which puts the fate of relegation candidates RKC Waalwijk and ADO Den Haag to the clubs. "I had assumed that the union would make its own decision," says Roozemond at Omrop Fryslân . "We now have to decide whether Cambuur will be promoted or not. We are now discussing this. We must ensure that the emotion is removed from the discussion, otherwise there will soon be a thousand angry Cambuur supporters at the door."

Complete Eredivisie · 4 hours ago

KNVB will arrive with clarity at around 6.30 pm
The KNVB will provide clarification about the completion of the competitions at around 6.30 pm. Eric Gudde says this in conversation with the NOS . "This will be a very unpleasant day," says the KNVB's general director. "We are going to decide on how to stop the competition and its consequences. That has never happened in professional football history."

Complete Eredivisie · 4 hours ago

The KNVB is now going  to the digital table with the clubs to discuss how the competitions should be completed. As for the promotion / relegation scheme, the clubs have until 4.30 pm to communicate their preferred scenario. So we will have to wait a little longer before a decision is made.

Finish Eredivisie · 5 hours ago

'Bizarre scenario: Feyenoord wins KNVB cup'
We thought we had already had all the scenarios, but  De Telegraaf is now coming up with a very bizarre scenario. According to the newspaper, Feyenoord is declared the winner of the TOTO KNVB Cup because the Rotterdam team reached the final as a team. Lawyer Jan Kabalt protects for this purpose with article 11 of the professional football regulations. Only the professional football board can block Feyenoord's victory.

Finish Eredivisie · 6 hours ago

"KNVB wants European premiums to be distributed"
The KNVB believes that the clubs that play European football based on today's decision next season are morally obliged to share their premiums with the other clubs. According to  VI, this is stated in documents that the clubs received prior to the meeting. "Professional football organizations that will participate in European competitions under the decision of the board of professional football have a heavy moral obligation to distribute part of the funds they receive", it reads.

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