The women's crowns have been on strike. A former employee is being investigated for sexual assault. The union leadership is accused of gender-discriminatory remuneration.

And as late as yesterday, Secretary-General Tommy Boustedt announced that he would step down.

"Extremely frustrating"

The Swedish Ice Hockey Federation has been very stormy.

And it has not passed the sponsors of the association. SVT Sport has been in contact with several of the association's main sponsors, and some of them are critical and concerned about the information that has emerged lately.

- As the main sponsor and supplier, it feels incredibly frustrating that the union has not succeeded in creating a better and more modern workplace 2020. However, I feel that this is in the office and not in the sports arena, we as a supplier more than a sponsor have more contact with the changing rooms than the conference rooms, Robert Zaring, Marketing Manager at CCM, which is one of Three Kronor's main sponsors, continues:

- The association is the best in the class when it comes to developing Swedish hockey / hockey players and it also shows the results especially on the men's side senior / junior.

"Must show the way"

Zaring also reports that CCM has been in contact with the union, due to recent events.

- We have expressed our expectation that the union should follow the ethical rules that exist and be a leader in these issues. For us as a sponsor and supplier, it is obvious that the union must show the way and not get stuck in the old footprints that hockey is often associated with (machosport, exclusion, elite).

How does this affect your relationship with the covenant?

- We have been a partner to the union for many years and I see great value in being the leading ice hockey brand in Sweden. Having said that, there is also a moral aspect where we expect all the cards on the table and that once and for all, these "shapes" are removed. I think you need to get in new blood, someone with no history who can challenge and take the union into the future.

"Requires transparency in handling"

Elisabet Heinrich, marketing and communications manager at Beijer Byggmaterial (another of Tre Kronor's main sponsors) is also critical of recent events.

- We can conclude that the headlines that appear around SIF right now are not positive for anyone. We follow the media reporting and have a dialogue with the union. We have not at present acted in any other way than that we require transparency in the handling of the union, which we see as a matter of course as the main sponsor, ”she says.

"Good and close relationship"

But not all sponsors are as tough. For example, the ice hockey association's main sponsor Svenska Spel states that they have had a close and good dialogue about recent events.

- I would not say that our relationship is affected at all. We have a very good and close relationship with the hockey association, which is based on a commercial collaboration within a number of different projects that we carry out jointly. Our goal is to develop Swedish hockey at all levels at all levels from knit to elite, and we will continue to do so after that, says Mats Einarsson, project manager sponsorship at Svenska Spel.

Dismisses discrimination

SVT Sport has unsuccessfully sought the union's chairman Anders Larsson and the general secretary Tommy Boustedt. However, Boustedt has previously denied that the union discriminates against people, and claims that it is an unhealthy work environment at the office.

- When it comes to the working environment, it's good at our office. I've been here for 19 years and this is the first time it's this kind of discussion, he said last week.

SVT Sport explains: The Ice Hockey Association's crisis year of 90 seconds

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SVT Sport explains: The Ice Hockey Association's crisis year of 90 seconds