The KNVB will discuss with the clubs from the Eredivisie and Keuken Kampioen Division on Friday how best to end the season. After the cabinet announced on Tuesday that there will be no football until 1 September, these are the three scenarios.

1. The current score is the final score

In this case Ajax is declared champion and RKC Waalwijk and ADO Den Haag are relegated to the Kitchen Champion Division. Their places will be occupied from September by SC Cambuur and De Graafschap.

AZ is equal to Ajax in points after 25 duels, but is unlucky that the goal difference is less good than that of the team from Amsterdam (+45 to +37). As number two AZ can enter the preliminary rounds of the Champions League.

Feyenoord and PSV will have to content themselves as numbers three and four with a place in the Europa League. It becomes a hot topic which club will be the fifth Dutch representative in Europe. Willem II is entitled to this via the rankings, but FC Utrecht is also entitled as cup finalist.

Moreover, Utrecht, which would play in the cup final against Feyenoord, as number six in the Eredivisie still has the chance to overtake Willem II. The club from the Domstad has played a game less, three points behind and a better goal difference.

Position above in Eredivisie

  • 1. Ajax 25-56 (+45)
  • 2. AZ 25-56 (+37)
  • 3. Feyenoord 25-50 (+15)
  • PSV 26-49 (+26)
  • 5. Willem II 26-44 (+3)
  • 6. FC Utrecht 25-41 (+16)
  • 7. Speed ​​26-41 (+10)

2. The season is declared invalid

Since the clubs have only played three quarters of the league, it is also likely that the season will be declared invalid: no championship scale, no relegants and no doctoral candidates. Next season will start again as the previous one started.

UEFA will ask the KNVB to distribute the European tickets. The fairest is that Ajax and AZ will also go to the (preliminary round of the) Champions League and Feyenoord and PSV will enter the Europa League. In this scenario, Willem II and FC Utrecht will also want to claim the fifth European ticket.

Stand at the bottom in Eredivisie

  • FC Twente 26-27 (-12)
  • 15. PEC Zwolle 26-26 (-18)
  • 16. Fortuna Sittard 26-26 (-23)
  • 17. ADO The Hague 26-19 (-29)
  • 18. RKC Waalwijk 26-15 (-33)

3. Eredivisie expands to twenty clubs

Cambuur and De Graafschap, with their large lead in the Kitchen Champion Division, believe that they are entitled to promotion. That is why the idea is alive to expand the Eredivisie to twenty clubs next season. In that case, RKC and ADO need not be relegated.

To implement this plan, the league structure of the Eredivisie needs to be revised. For such a drastic measure, a five-sixth majority of Eredivisie clubs must vote in favor, or at least fifteen of the eighteen clubs. An additional advantage is that there will be four extra matches with twenty teams, so that the clubs can partly absorb the income lost as a result of the corona crisis.

Of course there are also disadvantages. The Kitchen Champion Division will have to do with only eighteen clubs in this scenario next year. And how will it continue after 2020/2021? Will three or four clubs degrade, or will the Eredivisie continue to consist of twenty clubs from now on? All clubs will also have to agree on this with the KNVB.

Stand upstairs in Kitchen Champion Division

  • 1. SC Cambuur 29-66 (+43)
  • 2. De Graafschap 29-62 (+35)
  • 3. FC Volendam 29-55 (+15)
  • 4. Young Ajax 29-54 (+25)
  • 5. NAC Breda 29-50 (+18)