The CEO of Hatta Club, General Supervisor of the First Football Team, Ali Abdullah Al-Badawi, stressed that the reduction in wages in the club applies to players of the first team only, citizens and foreigners, by a rate ranging between 30 and 40%, while the rest of the staff in the club and the coaches of the stages of age will not be deducted Anything from them, and the club is committed to contracting with them, indicating that this is a humanitarian position and nothing can be deducted. Everyone has obligations and a family, his salary is weak, and the club is one family. He said: “We cannot deduct from the salary of a coach or employee who earns 5000 dirhams.”

Al-Badawi said to «Emirates Today»: «The decision to reduce salaries for the first team players only, and we have finished taking the decision with the national players, and negotiations with foreign players are underway, and we have not discussed the coaches’ matter until now, the reduction will definitely be in this percentage during the current period, and the position of my players was The citizens team is more than wonderful, as most of them took the initiative to contact me personally before making the decision, and confirmed their desire to reduce salaries because they are aware of the current situation, and foreign players are on the way, God willing.

He added: «Dubai Sports Council did not delay us in anything, and supports all our decisions not to prejudice the salaries of Sunni stage coaches and employees, and there are expenses that we cannot currently stop, such as maintenance and clothing, all of which are going on in agreement and with great understanding on the part of the council, and reducing wages will not It applies to players who earn 15 thousand dirhams or less, but talking here only on large salaries, and in line with the decisions of the Football Association and also the International Federation ».

He continued, “Whoever wants to leave or get another job opportunity from the employees and coaches of the Sunni stages, this is another matter. As for those in the club, we are committed to them, whether residents or citizens, and in all games and not only football, and all those in the club are one family, and they know The general situation, and some of them volunteer, and we are very frankly grateful for the position of the citizens players in the club for their initiative in this regard, in order to reduce their salary to contribute to this humanitarian situation ».