Information Figure: On March 20, Xining citizens jumped on the stadium in Guozhuang. China News Service reporter Ma Mingyan

  China News Service Client, Beijing, April 21 (Xing Rui) During the epidemic, the whole country set off a craze for cooking, from the initial cold skin, cake, to the later buns, buns, etc., whether it is the kitchen god or the new Falling into the trap of food and unable to extricate themselves. But as the saying goes: "Eat for a while, eat two lines, and grow two lines of fat and tears", round belly, thick arms, elephant legs ... Is this your current "stable" image?

  Today, the spring is warm outside the window, and the weather is pleasant, it is better to take advantage of this spring, let's get rid of the fat on the body. Learn the following small tricks so that the coming summer will no longer be sad because of fat.

1. Make a reasonable plan

  Making a reasonable plan is the first step in weight loss. This plan should be set according to personal obesity and weight loss goals. Generally speaking, the weight lost in one month is about 5% of the initial weight is a reasonable value. If the weight base is already small, the weight loss time can also be extended appropriately.

  Losing weight is not a one-time thing. The weight-loss goal is not as high as possible. A reasonable staged goal is not only easier to achieve, it can also enhance confidence in weight loss and play an incentive role.

Data map: On July 7, 2019, thousands of tourists came to camp in the hinterland of Funiu Mountain, Luoyang, Henan Province, at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level, to avoid the heat and cool down. The picture shows tourists practicing yoga in the mountains. China News Agency reporter Wang Zhongju

Second, moderate exercise

  During the home stay, most people's fitness programs were stranded. Although they are eager to lose weight, they should not be rushed. In order to allow the body to gradually adapt to the "weight loss mode", we must pay attention to the methods and methods while exercising.

  There are so many kinds of sports that can achieve weight loss goals, so we do n’t have to stick to one form when it comes to sports choices. Jogging, rope skipping, swimming, brisk walking, cycling, etc. are all good aerobic training methods, you can choose one or two of your favorite ways to stick to it.

Third, control diet

  It is said that "hold your mouth and step your legs" is the secret of weight loss. While exercising reasonably, you can achieve a multiplier effect by controlling your diet.

  Although it is necessary to pay special attention to diet, this does not mean that you need to be hungry to lose weight. Simply put, during weight loss, you must eat balanced nutrition, eat more vegetables, fruits, red meat and whole grains, and eat less high-fat, high-calorie foods.

  If you do not want to train hungry, you can also eat less and eat more meals, such as eating five to seven times a day, but do not eat too much each time. This way of eating less and eating more meals can control blood sugar levels and reduce hunger, which is undoubtedly a "good helper" on the road to weight loss.

Data map: March 21, 2019 is the annual "World Sleep Day", a yoga studio in Guangzhou opened a "sleep technique" class. The picture shows the student falling asleep under the guidance of the teacher. China News Agency reporter Ji Dongshe

4. Get enough sleep

  Sleep is a very important part of life, the average adult sleep time should reach about 7-8 hours. Due to the impact of the epidemic, many people have been disrupted. Studies have shown that short sleep time may increase the risk of obesity in the future, so if you want to lose weight, you must say no to staying up late.

  Studies have shown that good sleep can produce weight-loss hormones such as "growth hormone" and "serotonin", but lack of sleep will secrete more "stomach starving hormone", so that people's appetite increases greatly, so that weight continues to rise.

  As the epidemic improves, our lives will be on track. We have to go out of the house and face friends and colleagues. If you don't want others to express your "fat as two" emotions, then the weight loss cause should be on the agenda. Of course, losing weight is not a slogan. Only when you take action can you see the effect. (Finish)