The client of, April 20. On the 20th, the list of individual (collective) finalists for the 24th "Chinese Youth May Fourth Medal" was announced. The Chinese women's queuing team leader Zhu Ting and the Winter Olympic speed skating champion Zhang Hong were shortlisted.

Data map: Zhu Ting (right) and Lang Ping. China News Service reporter Hou Yushe

  Born in April 1988, Zhang Hong is currently an associate professor of the Physical Education Department of Harbin Institute of Technology, a member of the International Olympic Committee, a member of the Executive Committee of the Chinese Olympic Committee, and a member of the Executive Committee of the 2022 Winter Olympic Organizing Committee.

  In his career as an athlete, Zhang Hong worked hard and was not afraid of difficulties, constantly improving his technical level and sports performance, and made outstanding achievements in speed skating. She won the women's 1000-meter speed skating championship in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, and achieved a zero-speed gold medal breakthrough in the Chinese Winter Olympics.

  Not only that, Zhang Hong was also the Olympic ambassador for the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games, which played an important role in the promotion of Chinese sports image.

Data Map: Zhang Hong is in the game. China News Service reporter Song Jihe

  Zhu Ting was born in November 1994 and currently serves as the head of the Chinese women's queuing team. As the main attack growing up from the national youth team, when the team is in a difficult position, Zhu Ting can always come forward, lead his teammates to overcome difficulties, and undertake the tasks of inspiring morale and motivating the team on the court. It is the team The well-deserved "Dinghai God Needle".

  In 2019, the Chinese women ’s volleyball team with Zhu Ting as the captain won the World Cup with an impressive record of 11 consecutive victories. She won the most valuable player and best main attack. Before that, Zhu Ting also led the team to the Rio Olympics, and she herself has repeatedly won MVP awards.

  Zhu Ting's influence does not stop there. A few days ago, a well-known British publishing house published a children's book called "Waiting for me to grow up-a sports hero", which tells the inspirational story of how children grow into world sports superstars. Zhu Ting's story is also included, and Zhu Ting is also included in the book with Messi, James, Bolt, Byers, Hanyu Kyutan and other sports superstars.

  The book ’s recommendation reads: “How do children become sports superstars? The answer can be found in this inspiring book. Let your children turn the pages of the book, like their heroes, their current experience and passion Can bring incredible achievements. "(End)