A responsible source confirmed to «Emirates Today» that many of the Arab Gulf Football League clubs are concerned about the start of technical preparations upon the return of the activity, after the end of the long period of games interruption due to the Corona pandemic (Covid-19), as well as the position of foreign players who Their contracts, loans, and financial losses that they will incur in the face of extending the league competition until next October, as is currently directed, as well as the difficulties that they will have to contract with new players after the league ends.

The meeting of the Professional Football Association Board of Directors, which was held the day before yesterday, to study the scenarios submitted by the technical committee on the fate of the football season, and the association confirmed that the issue is finally resolved in a decision to be issued later, provided a decision is issued by the health authorities in the country in this regard.

The source monitored five misconceptions of clubs about the return of the Arab Gulf League, in the following points:

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