The head of the entertainment authority in Saudi Arabia, Turki Al-Sheikh, resumed his activity in the Egyptian street with a new message on his personal page on the social networking site Facebook, related to the Egyptian league and coach of Argentine legend Messi, in Barcelona Sittin, who mentioned in statements to Marca newspaper that he was He is close to training in the Egyptian league before taking over as coach of Barcelona.

“A few days before Barcelona contacted me, I was about to leave in order to work in Egypt,” said the Barcelona coach.

After this statement, Turki Al-Sheikh commented on his Facebook page: “I don't have a need from me,” referring to his role in negotiating with Sittin to work with one of the teams in Egypt.

Turki Al-Sheikh revealed in a video three months ago that he was about to buy another Egyptian team in the recent period, indicating that he agreed with Barcelona coach Kiki Sittin to lead him, before negotiations stalled.

Al-Sheikh said in his remarks on January 20 last: "I was very close to buying an Egyptian team, and I agreed with Kiki Sittin to lead him and sign the initial contracts, before the project stopped because of Barcelona's contract with him."

Last November, Turki Al-Sheikh met Argentine star Lionel Messi, the star and captain of Barcelona in Saudi Arabia, as he led his country to win against Brazil in the face of "Super Classico", and the Sheikh returned to confirm that he proposed to Messi to sign Sittin at that time, after several revelations The entry reports for the 61-year-old in the nominations to take over Barcelona after Barca was eliminated from the Spanish Super Cup.

Al-Sheikh posted on Twitter on January 12, 2020 a Tweet in which two pictures of him were accompanied by Messi and Seten, saying in Spanish: "Three months ago I said and I am still saying this to my friend Messi and Barcelona ... bringing Kiki Sittin quickly."