Postponed Tokyo Olympics and Para Games services strict review to reduce costs April 16 19:51


Regarding the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, which were postponed, the Games Organizing Committee and the IOC = International Olympic Committee issued a statement on the 16th to rigorously review the level of service related to the Games to see if they really needed it, and reduce costs. And showed the policy to proceed with preparations.

The Tokyo Games planned for this summer will be postponed to the summer of next year due to the influence of the new coronavirus, and it will be an important issue how much the additional cost will be spent due to the postponement and who will bear it. It has become.

On the 16th, a video conference was held by the Organizing Committee and IOC executives, and the joint statement was announced at a subsequent press conference.

In this, IOC Coords Coordinating Chairman said, “We would like to further reduce costs,” and rigorously reviewed the level of service in all areas related to the competition to see if it was really necessary, and cut costs and proceed with preparations. I showed a policy to go.

On the other hand, Chairman Coates said that the international competition groups and Olympic committees are in a difficult financial situation due to the new coronavirus, and I would like to help those concerned about the additional cost of the IOC due to the postponement. I didn't say it, just to say it.

In addition, it has been agreed that the same venue and almost the same competition schedule as the previous plan will be targeted, and negotiations with the parties involved in the venue will begin in earnest.