The Tour de France will finally run between August 29 and September 20 , after the organizers were forced to give up the dates originally planned due to the COVID-19 crisis, sources familiar with the case told Efe .

The new dates will force to change those of the Tour of Spain, which was scheduled between August 14 and September 6 next.

The sources specified that the official announcement can take place tomorrow, Wednesday.

The director of the race, Christian Prudhomme , has been in contact in recent days with mayors of the cities that the race is traveling to announce the new agenda, confirmed Efe.

Sources from the organization indicated that this new calendar "was part of the working hypotheses." According to the same, the Tour will start on August 29 in Nice , in the same town where it was scheduled, and will arrive in Paris on September 20.

Until Tuesday, organizers had kept the initial dates, but French President Emmanuel Macron announced Monday that public demonstrations would be banned until at least mid-July, making it impossible to keep the calendar.

In this context, various options were considered, such as contesting it in August, but finally September was chosen to allow time to introduce a one-week race, such as the Dauphiné , which refines the preparation of cyclists.

The COVID-19 has forced to suspend a good part of the cycling season, which is now seeking accommodation. The International Cycling Union (UCI) is scheduled for a meeting this Wednesday, with various players in the pedal world to try to design a new calendar.

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