Ever since 1952, the Elite race has been organized and about 50,000 visitors are gathered every weekend. Despite the corona pandemic and public restrictions, the Elite race will be held last Sunday in May.

- The elite race is an annual sporting highlight for many Swedes and we currently feel confident that we can conduct the competitions safely and responsibly, says Solvalla CEO Jörgen Forsberg.

Competing as planned

Despite the corona virus, the trot has competed, but without the audience. It is also likely that the Elite race will be decided without an audience, but a final decision will be made on May 4.

- At present, most things point to the fact that we can arrange the Elite race weekend without crowds. Of course, I hope that our fantastic audience can be there, but if the prevailing conditions prevent it, the Elite weekend will still be implemented, says Jörgen Forsberg.

There are still some changes during the Elite race weekend. Saturday's big race Sweden cup - often called "little Elite race" will not run. As an adaptation to the new conditions, a couple of races will receive lower prize money.

- We cannot count on the addition of foreign elite horses and therefore the horse base will not be enough to run both Sweden Cup and the Elite race this year, says Anders Malmrot, Sports Manager at Solvalla.

Cut: The trot continues as usual

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Plot on Solvalla's stands. Photo: Bildbyrån / Moving SVT