Although activity has stopped in Egypt, the Egyptian soccer poles Al-Ahly and Zamalek continue to work to support the ranks, especially if the league is completed and also in preparation for the semi-finals of the African Champions League, and certainly still the most prominent news in the Egyptian sports street is the transfer of "Joker" Ahmed Fathi, captain of the Egyptian team and Al-Ahly Club, to the Pyramids team in a heavy-caliber deal, we shed light during the following report on the latest news of Al-Ahly and Zamalek that took place on Sunday and related to the poles of Egyptian football and also the position of the Egyptian league on the tongue of the head of the Egyptian Football Association Amr Al-Janayni.

Hossam Hassan

Smouha club president Faraj Amer confirmed that the Egyptian soccer poles Al-Ahly and Zamalek asked to sign a contract with the first team player at Smouha Club, Hosam Hassan, after his remarkable brilliance.

The position of Rajab Bakkar and the Iraqi

The players' representative, Tamer Al-Nahas, revealed the position of the duo, Rajab Bakkar, the back of Pyramids and Karim Al-Iraqi, the back of Al-Masry, regarding the move to Al-Ahly and Zamalek during the next transfer period. Al-Nahhas said in a statement to “Echo Al-Balad”: “At the beginning of last season, there was a desire with Al-Ahly and Zamalek to contract Rajab Bakkar, now there is no talk at the moment from Al-Ahly or any other team regarding Rajab Bakkar. ”He continued,“ Rajab Bakkar plays in a large team the size of Pyramids and recently renewed his contract for 4 years and he is one of the most important and best players in his position. ”

As for the position of Al-Masry Al-Masry Al-Iraqi, he said: “Zamalek asked last January to include Karim Al-Iraqi, but the penalty for closing the restriction on Al-Masry suspended the deal, the penalty for closing the restriction imposed on Al-Masry made everything difficult and is still going on for the coming summer. I think that if the crisis is resolved it will be better To all parties, and we have no objection to the Iraqi renewing his contract with Al-Masry, but if the Iraqi is to leave Al-Masry, I think his move to Zamalek will be easier than Al-Ahly because of the wonderful relationship between Zamalek and the Egyptian. "

Marwan Mohsen

Tamer El-Nahhas, the agent of Al-Ahly player Marwan Mohsen, revealed the position of the player and the club regarding the renewal of Marwan's contract, where he confirmed that the player remains in his contract another season with Al-Ahly, and said: “Al-Ahly’s priority in renewal was first in the quadrant’s file that ends this season (Walid Suleiman - Hossam Ashour - Sharif Ikrami - Ahmed Fathi), and therefore the file of Marwan Mohsen was postponed a little. I spoke to Sayed Abdel Hafeez - Director of Ball in Al-Ahly - two or three months ago and there was a mutual welcome to renew Marwan Mohsen's contract. It is assumed that there will be a session with the Director of Ball in Al-Ahly This coming May, in order to agree to renew Marwan Mohsen's contract. "

Al-Ahly exercises

Abdel Hafeez said in statements to the official website of Al-Ahly: "The technical staff is studying all matters related to the future of the team during the current season, in light of the possibilities raised about the competition, and there is no intention so far to return to the resumption of collective training, to preserve the safety of everyone and players and adhere to the decision of the Board of Directors and the state’s direction More important than anything, with the necessity to spread health awareness and follow the procedures to prevent Corona virus that is sweeping the world at the present time to maintain the safety of everyone inside Al-Ahly.


Moroccan newspapers have reported that the Zamalek striker, Khaled Boutayeb, is preparing for a new professional experience in the Gulf, where several Gulf clubs have expressed their desire to sign Boutib during the next summer transfer period, and Boutayb has already received several offers, and his fate has not been determined until the moment, according to the Moroccan report .

Foreigners of Zamalek

Foreigners of the Zamalek team, the Tunisian quartet, Ferjani Sassi, Moroccan Ashraf Bin Sharqi and his compatriot Mohamed Onajem, alongside the Congolese Capongo Cassongo, were eager to send their training videos to the technical staff of the team led by French Patrice Cartieron, to ensure that they continue to maintain daily physical training exercises designed for them to maintain For their physical fitness.

The position of the Egyptian League

The head of the Provisional Committee of the Football Association, Amr Al-Janaini, expressed his wishes to complete the Egyptian League competition for this season, indicating that he had put all the data to study the return of the league and when will this season end ?, When will the next season begin and what is the period necessary to complete the competition, and also the period of preparation for the new season.

In statements to the OnTime Stadium stadium on Ontime Sport channel, Al-Janaini stressed that the committee is doing what it has to do, but in the end we are following the state’s decisions, indicating that he is waiting for what will end the crisis that the entire world suffers due to the spread of Corona virus, and indicated that he is following Also what all countries of the world do about resuming local championships, stressing that the Union will do what these countries do when things return to normal.