Swimming Seto `` When the Olympic postponement is decided, it is lost in feeling of loss '' April 10 20:53

Only one Japanese swimmer, Daiya Seto, who has been decided to be the Tokyo Olympics representative, has updated his SNS for the first time after the postponement of the Olympics. Seto wrote, "When the postponement was decided, I lost my shell due to a sense of loss."

Seto won the second individual medley at the World Championships last year and decided on the Tokyo Olympics. After that, he continued to perform well, marking a new record in Japan with a 200-meter butterfly, and expected a good record at the Japan Championship scheduled to be held this month.

After the one-year postponement of the Tokyo Olympics, while athletes in various sports commented, Seto had never said anything before, but updated his SNS on the afternoon of October 10.

Seto commented on his current state of mind: "I couldn't organize my feelings for next year and I couldn't comment. Until I trained and prepared for the Tokyo Olympics with determination. I wasn't able to speak positively. When the postponement was decided, I felt lost and lost my shell. "

He then wrote, "I couldn't say I would change my mind right away and do my best next year, and there are still days where I haven't been able to switch completely yet. I haven't practiced at all because of the corona." did.

For the next year's Tokyo Olympics, which will be celebrating at the age of 27, `` I have proven that I have practiced and accumulated so far as time, so how to shorten the time more than this year in the future, dream of a gold medal at the Olympics I want to think if I can fulfill that. "

And Seto spells his determination to finally restart.

"The Olympics is a dream stage that I can't substitute for anything. It's the Olympics that give me this kind of thought and experience. I will make it and restart it again! "