NOC * NSF is investigating whether additional support should be provided for top athletes who are in financial difficulties due to the corona crisis and who cannot fall back on existing schemes. In collaboration with the athletes committee and interest group NL Sporter, the sports umbrella makes an inventory.

"We are looking at athletes who, for example, miss out on prize money or are without a contract. But also at the more distressing cases, such as athletes who can no longer pay their rent," said vice chairman Mieke Cabout of the athletes committee of NOC * NSF in conversation with NU on Friday. .NL.

"Some top athletes take advantage of their A status or can fall back on the government, which gives them money. We are there for the athletes who fall outside that boat. We cannot guarantee that everyone will receive financial support, but we want to fight hard for a general arrangement. "

Due to the corona crisis, almost all sporting events in the world have been suspended for the time being. As a result, many athletes have less or no income at all. A major financial pain point for top athletes is the postponement of the Olympic Games, which have been moved to the summer of 2021.

For example, table tennis player Britt Eerland had to leave her German club TuS Bad Driburg, leaving her without much of her income. NOC * NSF intervened by temporarily granting it an A status (six months), so that it still maintains its view of the Games in 2021.

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'Hoping to complete inventory after Easter'

Such an arrangement may offer a solution for more athletes. "We could do that more often, but there is nothing to say about that now," said Cabout. "We have to wait and see how many athletes need support and how big the financial post is going to be. We hope to have completed the inventory after Easter."

NOC * NSF works with the independent interest group NL Sporter in this matter. Hetteke Frima is the point of contact there for athletes who are in financial difficulties and has already spoken to victims of various sports who cannot fall back on existing schemes.

"Beach volleyball player Marleen van Iersel and her partner Joyce Stubbe have made a lot of costs for the World Tour in the coming months, but many tournaments are canceled. So they earn nothing, but in the meantime have to make ends meet at home," says Frima.

"There are also athletes who see their contracts terminated and suddenly have no income. We are currently tracking how many there are and what the underlying problems are. Then we go to the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport to see if they want to help. "

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