Professional baseball Lotte players resume voluntary practice Thorough infection prevention measures April 30, 19:30

Lotte, a professional baseball player, has announced that it will resume voluntary practice for players at its home base that had been canceled following a government emergency declaration from the 11th.

In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, Lotte ordered all athletes to wait at home from last month and resumed voluntary practice this month, but was declared urgent on the following day. As a result, I stopped all practice again.

Lotte announced on October 10 that it will continue to work as a team, but that on 11th the players will be able to use the ZOZO Marine Stadium in Chiba and the Lotte Urawa Stadium in Saitama for voluntary practice.

In order to prevent infection, the players who practice at each stadium are divided into groups in the morning and afternoon. Thorough ventilation and disinfection.

In addition, by checking the body temperature of athletes, only those athletes who have judged that there is no problem with their health are allowed to use the facility.