Data Map: 2016 South American VS European All-Star Football Feast was staged in Chengdu. The main lineup of the two teams includes 2004 World Footballer Ronaldinho, 2002 World Footballer Rivaldo, Portuguese superstar Figo and others. Zhang Langshe

The client of, April 10, the former football superstar Ronaldinho was released from prison after 32 days of detention. He was arrested by the Paraguayan police for using a fake passport. According to foreign media reports, before Ronaldinho was released from prison, his inmates held a barbecue party to bid farewell to him in tears.

In early March this year, Ronaldinho was investigated by the police for using fake passports to enter Paraguay. It is reported that Ronaldinho went to Paraguay this time to participate in a charity event, and he had been restricted by Brazilian courts before.

Screenshots of foreign media reports.

However, Ronaldinho's life in prison is much "more exciting" than many people think. Together with his brother, he was divided into a "VIP cell" with a bed, a TV, a fan, and a public bathroom. The outdoor balcony was for two people to use regularly. In addition, they do not have to eat "jail", and the daily meals are provided by lawyers.

The prison guards revealed that Ronaldinho quickly adapted to life in prison and was in a good state of mind, always smiling. Paraguayan players and some fans have also come to visit the prison. He even participated in the prison football game, helping the team win while winning the team 16 kilograms of pork reward.

I do n’t know if it ’s the roast pork won this time ... (End)