“The situation in America in relation to the coronavirus is state-dependent. Each state has slightly different rules. For example, in Atlanta, we officially have the right to go out, but at the same time everyone is advised to stay home for safety, ”said the Russian athlete on the Sportrecs podcast.

According to her, it is assumed that the peak of infections in the States will fall at the end of April. She also considers the situation in New York to be terrible.

“Honestly, the situation is very deplorable. The fact that Russia has imposed strict quarantine, despite the fact that there are not as many coronavirus cases in Russia as in other countries, is the most logical and correct decision to prevent this horror, which is happening now in America, ”added Klishina .

On March 11, WHO announced an outbreak of the new coronavirus pandemic. In this regard, most sports and cultural events in the world have been delayed or canceled. On April 10, more than 465 thousand cases of infection were recorded in the United States, more than 16 thousand died.

Earlier it was reported that Andrei Arshavin worked as a courier for two categories of Zenit fans during the pandemic.