Ladies' Golf Domestic Major Tournament Canceled Next Month 10 rounds since opening round 19:12 on April 9

The first major tournament of the season, scheduled for next month, has been canceled on the domestic tour of women's golf, and this has been the 10th consecutive race since the opening round.

The first domestic round of women's golf was scheduled to take place in Ibaraki Prefecture for a period of four days starting next month, but the sponsoring Japan Women's Professional Golf Association and other organizations have been affected by the spread of the new coronavirus, On the 9th, it was announced that the tournament would be canceled due to the declaration of emergency.

Last year, Hinako Shibuno won the tour for the first time in the tournament, and Shibuno gained momentum three months later and won the overseas major for the first time in 42 years as a Japanese player at the British Women's Open.

Shibuno said, "This tournament is a memorable tournament that I was able to decorate for the first time. We will continue to make adjustments so that we can play as much as possible. "

The women's golf domestic tour will be discontinued for ten consecutive races since the opening round in March.