Consortium DMK offered Feyenoord an alternative on Thursday in case the move to a new stadium is canceled. The association has drawn up a plan for an extension of the current Kuip.

"It is a quick and affordable alternative. The plan is intended as a solution, should the new Feyenoord stadium ultimately prove financially unfeasible," said Erwin Eekelaar of DMK, which consists of some thirty specialists and voluntary companies. against NRC .

"We do not want to stop the new building, but we are ready if necessary. We are a kind of lifebuoy if Feyenoord City would not succeed. DMK can stand for anything: The Modern, Magical, Social or Beautiful Kuip."

In the DMK plan, De Kuip is expanded from 50,000 to more than 63,000 places, with costs of EUR 200 million considerably lower than the estimated EUR 444 million for a completely new stadium.

Plan DMK also takes less time

Moreover, a renovation of the current stadium of Feyenoord is finished faster. If the municipality gives the green light this year, the work could be finished in 2024 or earlier. Feyenoord City will rise in 2025 at the earliest.

DMK will release the plan on Thursday, because the response period to the plan for the new stadium expires. The plan for the renovation of the current Kuip is formally submitted to the municipality.

The plan for a new Kuip has been keeping Feyenoord busy for years. The club management is convinced that it is feasible and that Feyenoord cannot take a step forward without a new home base, but the fans would rather stay in the current Kuip.