Belarus, which is still playing football in the event of Corona19, caught another eye. Even a mannequin spectator appeared, but even received an admission fee.

Why did you do that, reporter Kim Hyung-yeol.


An unusual spectator is seen in the stadium bleachers of Dynamo Brest, Belarus.

If you look closely, it is a mannequin spectator with a photo of your face.

Brest FC has issued a virtual ticket for overseas football fans who cannot come to the stadium, but more than 30 times more than the actual entrance fee, 30 fans from various countries such as the UK and Iran have purchased, and the club put a picture of the buyer's face on the mannequin. I sat in the stands.

It's a bizarre landscape where Belarusian football is now the only European league to attract worldwide attention.

The situation, which has become more serious as Belarus has more than 10 times the number of confirmed patients in the past 10 days, surpassing 1,000 people, when the president made an absurd remark to overcome Corona 19 with a sauna and vodka.

Still, he played soccer and most of the crowd sat without masks, but the mannequins sat one space apart and wore masks.

The Brest team also decided to sell virtual tickets for the league game this weekend.

(Video editing: Park Chun-bae)