Many sports events worldwide have been canceled and postponed due to the corona virus. In this live blog we will keep you informed of all developments.

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'Premier League will pay part of the prize money earlier'
To accommodate clubs, the Premier League will pay out part of the prize money earlier, The Times writes today. It would be several million euros for clubs in the lower regions, up to about 20 million euros for clubs in the top of the league. Many clubs have already run into problems in England because of the corona crisis. Tottenham Hotspur and Newcastle United, among others, have already had to send staff on leave.

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4 billion euros. That amount threatens to miss the clubs from the five largest leagues in Europe together if the season cannot be completed. They do everything they can to finish the competition in some way before August 3.

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The darters can still compete from home during the corona crisis and decide to throw a mini tournament. The so-called Darts At Home is won by Nathan Aspinall, who has to take a defeat against Jelle Klaasen.


ANOTHER INCREDIBLE FINISH! Jelle Klaasen takes out a stunning 150 to beat Nathan Aspinall! That was special from the Dutchman in a brilliant display of finishing!

Avatar Avatar Author PDC Darts Time of places 22: 23 - April 8, 2020

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Brawn expects F1 season to start without an audience in Europe
Formula 1 director Ross Brawn thinks the Formula 1 season will probably start in Europe and that the drivers will race without an audience. "In our view, a start in European is the most favorable and that could even be behind closed doors," the Brit tells Sky Sports . "We can create a closed environment, where everyone will be tested for sure and we make sure there are no risks. Although we have no spectators, it is better than no race at all."

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Premier League players will donate to healthcare
The Premier League players are said to be donating £ 4 million (over £ 4.5 million) to the National Health Service, the UK's public health system. "We wanted to contribute to those who need it most: those who are fighting hard against the coronavirus. Those are the people at the NHS and the other health care facilities," the players said in a statement. "After many conversations with a group of players from all twenty Premier League clubs, we launched our own initiative: #PlayersTogether. We hope to make a real difference with this voluntary initiative."


Avatar Avatar Author Virgil van Dijk Time of places 22: 16 - 8 April 2020

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Nadal auctions Roland Garros shirt
Following Alberto Contador, Rafael Nadal is going to auction something special for the Red Cross in his country. The Spanish number two in the world puts the shirt on sale with which he won Roland Garros for the twelfth time in his career last year.


Aquí mi aportación para iniciativa de la acb. Yo les doy un objeto mio preciado 😉 y ellos tienen esta buena iniciativa dentro de #LaMejorAsistencia para #NuestraMejorVictoria 💪🏻🏀💪🏻 @acbcom 🙌🏻 #CruzRojaResponde # NuestraMejorVictoria¡¡Y lo dicho, a animarse !! #yomequedoencasa

Avatar Avatar Author Rafa Nadal Time of places 17: 21 - 8 April 2020

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F1 promoter Formula One has to cut staff
F1 promoter Formula One has also been hit by the corona crisis. Half of the staff are placed on temporary unemployment and the entire board agrees to a salary reduction. The managers turn in 20 percent of their wages and CEO Chase Carey gives even more salary, although it is unknown how much exactly.

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Some extreme athletes find creative solutions to still be able to train during their home quarantine. We see the Greek water skier Nikolas Plytas at work in his swimming pool and the Canadian snowboarder Sébastien Toutant in his living room.


Extreme athletes work creatively during quarantine

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Robben's wife recovered from coronavirus
Bernadien Eillert, the wife of Arjen Robben, has recovered from the corona virus. The former Orange international had to be quarantined with his family after his wife tested positive. "We've already dealt with the virus," said Robben in the FC Bayern Podcast. "Fortunately Bernadien recovered, but it was not fun. The heaviest was the pressure on her chest, she had difficulty breathing. Strangely enough, my children and I tested negative. But maybe we have had it before and we have not noticed anything. "

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Roger Federer's challenge is taken up all over the world. The twenty-time Grand Slam winner is only too happy with that and has enjoyed the videos.


Thanks to everyone who participated.👏There were some amazing videos, volys, outfits, locations, hats, dogs, babies, mirrors, fridges, walls, and doctors 🙌. I really enjoyed them, keep them coming! 😊 #tennisathome #stayhome #volleyerer

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Brady donates 750,000 meals in Tampa
Tom Brady also helps in the fight against the corona virus. The American quarterback, together with his wife and fashion model Gisele Bündchen, donates approximately 750,000 meals to the residents of Tampa. There, 42-year-old Brady signed a contract for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last month.

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Binotto: 'Better view of the start of the F1 season at the end of May'
Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto still finds it "very difficult" to estimate when the Formula 1 season can start. "I think we will have a better view of this at the end of May," the Italian tells Sky Sports . Nine Grands Prix have now been canceled and a season with fifteen to eighteen races is hoped for. "It will be important for us to be flexible. Ferrari is prepared for shorter race weekends and also double Grands Prix," said Binotto.

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Pole vaulter Menno Vloon can 'just' continue training in his garden. The Dutch record holder reaches a height of 5.61 meters and asks his colleagues Renaud Lavillenie and Sam Kendricks what the next height should be.


competition day 5.61 @airlavillenie @ samkendricksWhat's the next height? 😉

Avatar Avatar Author pole_vlo Moment of places 14: 09 - April 8, 2020

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Dost: 'I almost don't remember what to do'
Despite the corona crisis, Bas Dost tries to keep up the courage, but sometimes he also does not know what to do with. "In any case, we have good weather," said the striker of Eintracht Frankfurt during an online press conference. "I enjoy my beautiful garden. I almost don't know what to do anymore. Fortunately I live in a nice neighborhood, so I can talk to other people a bit. Of course at a safe distance from each other. 'n all come through and we will certainly succeed. "

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A great promotion from Dylan Groenewegen: the Jumbo-Visma sprinter will deliver groceries by bicycle to the elderly and care providers in the coming period.

No course for a while, but time to help. In the coming period, I will deliver groceries by bicycle to the elderly and care providers who are currently unable to do this themselves. Als Do you as a care provider or elderly need help or do you want to help yourself? ➡️ #StaySafeTogether

Avatar Avatar Author Dylan GroenewegenMoment of places19: 00 - April 8, 2020

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Alfa Romeo driver Antonio Giovinazzi is committed to keeping fit. The Italian burns 700 calories in every possible way in an hour at home.


Pens️Basta pensare che l'unico modo per bruciare calorie in quarantena sia quello di dimenticare la torta in forno 🍰❌Vi lancio la sfida delle 700 calorie! Nessun attrezzo, si può utilizzare al massimo una cassa d'acqua e un 'aspirapolvere (ma solo i primi 2 secondi🤣) .Io ci ho messo 57 minuti, e tu? # Giovi700challenge #allenamento #training 🏋️ #restiamoacasa

Avatar Avatar Author antogiovinazzi99 Moment of places 18: 38 - April 8, 2020

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Real Madrid players hand in part of their salary
Real Madrid players also donate part of their salary to help their club during the corona crisis. With a pay cut of between 10 and 20 percent, they want to ensure that other employees of the Spanish top club can keep their jobs.

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The players of the Dutch national team also help in the fight against the coronavirus: they donate an unknown amount to volunteer platform NLvoorelkaar. "We are proud of the Netherlands and proud of the team. And think of everyone who is having a hard time at this time," said captain Virgil van Dijk in the video. "Keep your head up and take care of each other."


Wonderful gesture from our Orange internationals 🧡 @NLvoorelkaar

Avatar Avatar Author Orange Orange Moment of places 18: 28 - April 8, 2020

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DFL chairman wants to resume Bundesliga in early May
The Bundesliga may become the first major league to resume. President Christian Seifert of the Deutsche Fussball Liga (DFL) wants to play football again from the beginning of May and to finish the competition by June 30th. "We are part of a culture in our country. People are longing to get back a little bit of normal life and that could mean that the Bundesliga will be resumed," Seifert said in an interview with Die Zeit .

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A doctor in New York also takes the challenge of Roger Federer during his break.


A well earned break for this doctor in New York to take on @ rogerfederer's #tennisathome challenge! 👏👏.🎥: @samuelhbride

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Contador auctions special bicycle
Alberto Contador also contributes to the fight against the corona virus. The Spanish former rider will auction the bicycle he used during the 2011 Giro d'Italia and Tour de France. The total proceeds go to the Red Cross.


Hola a todos, seguimos luchando con este Covid-19 y quiero hacer un esfuerzo más. Voy a subastar esta bici, original de Giro-Tour 2011 muy especial para mí, lo recaudado irá íntegro para #cruzrojaresponde, lo haré a través de EBay, os dejo el enlace and mi Bio. Un abrazo fuerte

Avatar Avatar Author Alberto Contador Time of places 12: 24 - April 8, 2020

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Swiss internationals donate premiums
The players and national coach of Switzerland make a big share of the premiums they earned this year. In this way, the Swiss federation saves 1 million Swiss francs (950,000 euros), which can be used to support clubs that get into trouble during the corona crisis. "I am proud of the team that came to this decision quickly and unanimously," said captain Stephan Lichtsteiner.

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The athletes of the Dutch relay team are at home for the time being and therefore try to pass the time in other ways. Dafne Schippers, Nadine Visser, Jamile Samuel, Naomi Sedney, Marije van Hunenstijn and Nargelis Statia seem to have a great time with the TikTok app.


As soon as a relay stick is thrown at us we are ready to go💪 But for now, we'll stay on the couch watching tv📺 #stayhome #dontrush #relay #TeamNL @jamile_samuel @marijevhunenstijn @nargelis_statia @naomisedney @dafne_schippers #dontrushchallenge

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KNVB wants cup final on July 12 and football at Christmas
The KNVB is busy compiling a draft version of the schedule if the Eredivisie can be resumed this season. According to competition manager Jan Bluyssen, the cup final will be played on July 12 and the competition must be completed before August. The new season will then start after a break of up to three weeks, after which the lost time will be made up during the Christmas period. "We have to get the time from somewhere and in the period between Christmas and New Year there is of course some space," Bluyssen tells NOS .

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Liverpool players also enjoy themselves during the corona crisis. Virgil van Dijk, Georginio Wijnaldum and their teammates are engaged in an online yoga session and also sing a birthday song.


Something to put a smile on your face 😁We check in with the Reds before another online squad yoga session - big smiles, togetherness and a special birthday singalong.At times like these, it's important to keep active together and stay in touch with family and friends.

Avatar AuthorLiverpool FC (at 🏠) Time of places14: 01 - April 8, 2020

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Carapaz: 'Images from Ecuador really heartbreaking'
The images of bodies and coffins in the streets of Ecuadorian cities hurt Richard Carapaz. "It is really heartbreaking to see what is going on in my country," says the winner of the Giro d'Italia at La Gazzetta dello Sport . "We have all seen the terrible images. It really hurts. As a country we were not ready for the corona virus, but we are not alone. Nobody was ready for this crisis."

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Eleven cities swimming tour Van der Weijden off the track
Maarten van der Weijden's Eleven Cities Swimming Tour has been canceled due to the corona crisis. The tour, which raises money for cancer patients, is expected to take place from August 28 to 31. "It was not an easy decision, because I would have preferred to have also raised a lot of money for cancer research and projects this year. But frankly, it just doesn't feel right," says Van der Weijden in a statement. "Our country has been affected by the coronavirus. As much as the cancer patient is to my heart - you know that - I think we should focus on that in the coming months."

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World Cup athletics 2022 takes place in July
It will take more than two years, but the dates for the displaced World Cup athletics of 2022 are known: the tournament will be on the calendar from 15 to 24 July. The World Cup in Eugene, USA, was postponed by a year after the 2020 Olympics were postponed by a year. As a result, the World Cup athletics and the Games would take place simultaneously.

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Bulgarian Prime Minister wants to fine CSKA Sofia
Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov is unhappy about CSKA Sofia, who finished in group training against the rules. Images show that trainer Milos Kruscic, some members of his coaching staff and at least six players are training at the sports complex of the Bulgarian record champion. "If football clubs train, the regional health inspectors must punish them," said Borissov. "They should be fined just like everyone else in Bulgaria."


CSKA-Sofia were reportedly caught training secretly on the outskirts of Sofia. Because of the current state of emergency Bulgaria has been in since March 13 and will last until May 13 (at least) all kinds of sports activities are strictly prohibited

Avatar Avatar Author Metodi_Shumanov Moment of places 19: 37 - April 7, 2020

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Mourinho admits he was wrong with training
José Mourinho acknowledges that he was wrong by conducting a multi-player training session for Tottenham Hotspur. "I recognize that my actions were not in line with the government's protocol and that we should only have contact with people from our own household," the coach told the BBC . "It is crucial that we all do our bit and follow government advice to support our heroes in healthcare and save lives."

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Most of the mayors do not yet want to judge the possible restart of the Eredivisie
Most mayors of the football cities in the Netherlands first want to wait and see what the next steps of the RIVM and the cabinet are, before they judge the KNVB's plan to resume the Eredivisie and Keuken Kampioen Division in June. A spokesman for the municipality of Breda, on behalf of Mayor Paul Depla, who is the spokesperson for all the mayors involved, inform that action will only be taken if RIVM and the cabinet allow football to resume.

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Fans can virtually take on Robert Gesink tonight. The Jumbo-Visma rider comes into action at home on his exercise bike via the virtual platform Zwift.

The first Team Jumbo-Visma Social Ride this Thursday at 19.30 (CET) on @gozwift! Ride Our ride leader @robertgesink will lead you 60 minutes through Watopia! Link in bio📲 ••• # StaySafeTogether #SamenOverwinnen # zwift #tjv #robertgesink #teamjumbovisma #socialride

Avatar Avatar Author jumbovisma_road Moment of places 14: 21 - April 8, 2020

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The fitness is still sparkling with the now 35-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo.


My beautiful training partner! 🏃🏻‍♀️💪🏽 #stayactive #stayhome

Avatar Avatar Author Cristiano Time of places 13:25 - April 8, 2020

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Jeremiah St. Juste is back on the training field at FSV Mainz. Under strict conditions, training takes place again at the clubs in the Bundesliga.

Züruck auf dem platz unter beachtung stricter auflagen! Stay safe and healthy everybody 🙏🏾

Avatar Avatar AuthorjeremiahstjusteMoment of places12: 28 - April 8, 2020

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Italian former athlete Donato Sabia died at the age of 56 from the effects of the corona virus. He became European champion in the 800 meters in 1984 and at that distance participated twice in the Olympic Games, where he just missed the medals.

Italian Athlete Donato Sabia passed away at the age of 56. He represented Italy at the 1984 Los Angeles & 1988 Seoul Summer Games, where he reached the final of the men's 800 meters twice (1984 5th and 1988 7th). via @repubblica

Avatar Avatar Author Lost Olympians Moment of Places 12: 42-8 April 2020

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A nice gesture by Douglas Costa: the left winger of Juventus donates food packages in poor neighborhoods in his native Brazil.

Acordamos hoje em meio toda essa confusão com uma vontade e um desejo ainda maior de ajudar ao próximo! Resumo do nosso dia ♥ ️

Avatar Avatar Author douglascosta Time of places 00: 36 - April 7, 2020

Coronavirus · yesterday at 11:26 AM

Team boss AlphaTauri: 'Losses 2 million per race not completed'
Franz Tost is very concerned about AlphaTauri. The team boss states that his racing stable loses 2 million euros per race that has not been completed and is afraid of major financial problems. "If we start racing again in July, we will probably get off with a black eye, but if that doesn't work, it will be difficult," Tost told . "If nothing comes in all year round, it could turn out to be critical. Without income, there is of course a financial catastrophe."

Coronavirus · yesterday at 11:08 AM

Roger Federer is also unable to leave his home due to the corona crisis. That is why the 38-year-old Swiss challenges his followers via social media to a tennis exercise from home. Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos shared a video of his attempt.


Federer challenges people at home for online tennis lessons

Coronavirus · yesterday at 10:29 AM

AZ wants a solidarity fund for clubs that get into financial difficulties
AZ proposes to the KNVB and Eredivisie CV to establish a solidarity fund because of the corona crisis. The Alkmaarders want clubs in financial distress to be helped by the wealthier clubs. A spokesperson for AZ confirms the news to after reports by VI . The topic was discussed with all clubs on Tuesday. It is not yet known when a decision will be made.

Coronavirus · yesterday at 10:08 AM

The players of Manchester United may not train in groups, but United does individually train with players. Today, Timothy Fosu-Mensah, three-time international of the Orange, has been called up to the Aon Training Complex.


# Tim #FosuMensah brings the 🔥🔥🔥 in today's Reds Check-In!

Avatar Avatar Author manchesterunitedMoment of places09: 31 - April 8, 2020

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Mané: 'Would understand if Liverpool would not become champion'
Sadio Mané would understand if Liverpool were not declared champion this season. 'The Reds' are in the lead in the Premier League, but must fear because of the coronavirus for their upcoming title. "Of course I want to win competitions and become champion", says Mané in conversation with talkSPORT . "But in this situation, I understand everything that is going to happen. It is difficult for Liverpool, but it is even more difficult for millions of people around the world."

Coronavirus · yesterday at 08:47

Premier League boss fears loss of 1 billion
The Premier League could suffer a loss of £ 1 billion (€ 1.13 billion) due to the corona crisis. That writes Premier League director Richard Masters in a letter to Member of Parliament Julian Knight. "We have to figure out a way to absorb these huge losses or clubs will fall," Masters warned in the BBC- owned letter.

Coronavirus · yesterday at 08:23

Tottenham warns Mourinho and three players after violating corona rules
Tottenham Hotspur warns manager José Mourinho and players Tanguy Ndombele, Davinson Sánchez and Ryan Sessegnon to adhere to the distance rules during the corona crisis. Mourinho was seen together with Ndombele in a park, where they completed a training session. "We have reminded all our players to respect the social distance when training outside. We will continue to repeat this message," said a Tottenham spokesperson in British media.

Coronavirus · yesterday at 07:50

Players in Ligue 1 are turning in temporary pay due to corona crisis
The players in the French Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 decide to give up temporary salary during the corona crisis. What they donate will be compensated at a later time. In April, the players turn in part of their wages. How much that is, is determined per player on the basis of the salary. 50 percent is withheld from the big earners. The organization of the French leagues LFP and the players' union UNFP have agreed that the temporary decrease in wages will be compensated at a later date, whether the season will be finished or not.

Coronavirus · Tuesday at 10:30 PM

Verstappen: 'I do a lot of simulator work'
Max Verstappen is one of the top athletes who currently have to stay at home, pending the course of the corona crisis. The Red Bull Racing driver emphasizes that he stays inside as much as possible. "I'm now trying to do my workouts at home and I do a lot of simulator work," said Verstappen on his own site. "In combination with a lot of training, I try to be ready before we start racing again. And in the meantime I hope that everyone stays healthy."

Coronavirus · Tuesday at 10:15 PM

If you are off track after all developments tonight; this is the state of affairs regarding whether or not the Eredivisie plays:

  • KNVB wants to resume Eredivisie on June 19 and finish in July at the latest
  • Clubs should then resume training in May
  • KNVB decision depends on government policy
  • It will be announced on April 21 whether the government will extend the measures
  • According to KNVB director Gudde, Ajax is nevertheless in solidarity with the plan
  • Mayor Eindhoven does not want a resumption in June

Coronavirus · Tuesday at 9:45 PM

Following the mayor of Eindhoven, the mayor of Doetinchem also speaks out against the KNVB's plans to resume the Eredivisie in mid-June.

I understand colleague @ JJorritsma040 very well. The available police capacity from 1 June and during the summer is too limited after the #Coronavirusnl.

Avatar Avatar Author Mark Boumans Moment of places 21: 09 - April 7, 2020

Coronavirus · Tuesday at 9:30 PM

KNVB director Gudde: 'Ajax supports our plan'
Eric Gudde, director of professional football of the KNVB, says that Ajax is behind the plans to resume the Eredivisie in mid-June, provided that it is safe. The Amsterdammers stated last week that the competition should be permanently discontinued. "Ajax has expressed solidarity in working out this scenario," Gudde says in conversation with the NOS . "In today's consultation, the word solidarity has been used quite a number of times. Hopefully we are a little closer together today."

Coronavirus · Tuesday at 9:15 PM

Raymond van Barneveld is looking forward to seeing Phil Taylor again. The two darts legends compete against each other in their living room the day after tomorrow.

So looking forward to this !!! Miss my rivalry with the GREATEST @PhilTaylor but we love to play this match for all the darting fans around the world. And for the people who are working nonstop to aid everyone recovering from the terrible disease. Please people stay safe 🙏🏻❤️

Avatar Avatar Author Raymond v Barneveld Time of places 20: 32 - 7 April 2020

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