The Premier League players launched a new fundraising initiative that will direct the benefit of health sector workers standing in the first row to tackle the Corona virus.

Under the slogan "Players Together", the English Premier League leaders announced the new initiative, which they confirmed was independent of clubs and the League.

The statement, published on Wednesday evening, did not reveal the amount that the players were able to collect, but the British newspaper "Sun" confirmed that the players are seeking to collect 4 million pounds ($ 4.9 million).

The statement pointed out that these funds will be directed to health sector workers in various regions of the country who face daily risks of being infected with the virus, which has killed about 7,000 people among more than 60 thousand infected in England.

The players' initiative came after talking over the past few days about disagreements with clubs over a collective reduction in salaries by up to 30%.

The Professional Players Association said earlier that taxes on their wages contribute significantly to financing important public services, and a 30% cut in wages will cost the state treasury a large sum ... This will harm the National Health Service and other services funded by the government.