Chuo Horse Racing Continues to hold no spectators Sakura Prize Satsuki Prize Spring Emperor Prize 13:38 on April 8

JRA = The Japan Racing Association has decided to hold the event with no spectators even after this weekend, with the emergency declarations being made in seven prefectures, and the Cherry Blossom Award in the G1 race will be held as scheduled.

The JRA considered holding a horse race scheduled for this weekend and beyond after the declaration of an emergency in seven prefectures on July 7.

As a result, after understanding the purpose of the declaration of emergency, from 18th of this month, it is basically impossible for jockeys to ride on different racetracks on Saturday and Sunday, limiting contact and movement between people, etc. By working hard to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, we decided to continue with the audience, which had been held since February 29.

The Cherry Blossom Award, scheduled to be held at the Hanshin Racecourse in Hyogo Prefecture on 12th of this month, the Satsuki Award, scheduled for 19th at the Nakayama Racecourse in Chiba Prefecture, and at the Kyoto Racetrack on 3rd of next month All three G1 races of the Spring Emperor's Award are races at racetracks in areas subject to the declaration of emergency, but will be held as scheduled.

However, in JRA, if three staff members have been infected with the new coronavirus so far and the number of people involved has spread, there is a possibility that the event may be reconsidered.