Several high-ranking people are identified in the new prosecution. Among other things, the former Vice President of Fifa, Jack Warner, who should have received bribes of 50 million SEK.

A total of 22 people have received bribes to vote in Russia or Qatar.

- I am far from shocked when you hear these accusations against Fifa. If this is something you associate with, it is unfortunately just such scandals as bribery and other flaws, says SVT's expert Daniel Nannskog.

Now the big question becomes whether to go and will play the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

- I don't actually think Qatar is worse than any other country. I think this has been going on all year, that you have been bribed to these championships, he says and continues:

- But now we have to wait for this investigation and see what the verdict will be before deciding whether to play a World Cup in Qatar.

The Fifa scandal started in May 2015, when Zurich police arrested seven high-ranking Fifa pumps. As a result, Fifa's former chairman, Sepp Blatter, and Uefa's counterpart, Michel Platini, were suspended for eight years.