The Wasl player, Ecuadorean Fernando Jaipur, revealed that, due to the "Corona virus" that forced everyone to stay at home, a commitment to precautionary measures against its spread "He acquired new home skills, including washing dishes, using the broom, preparing juices and breakfast".

Jaipur told the Ecuadorian newspaper "Expresso" that he had now replaced his basic football career, with an interest in housework.

He added, "I have been helping my wife a lot in the kitchen and things for children."

And about his life in the Emirates, he said: “I am very used to the rhythm of life here, and I did not face any problem with the language worker, and despite my departure from Ecuador, I did not turn away from the current events there, as both my uncle and my aunt passed away, and I am keen Permanently communicate with my family, and check on them. ”

The Ecuadorian concluded his remarks by talking about his future with Al Wasl. He said: “My contract with the team expires in June, and if there is no desire for the club to renew my contract, I will return to my former Argentine club.”

He confirmed that if he does not renew his contract with Al Wasl next June, he will return to Argentinian Independiente.