The leaders and footballers of Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 have sealed an agreement calling for a "temporary" drop in salaries to preserve the clubs' cash flow in the face of the health crisis, AFP learned on Tuesday 7 April from the union of players (UNFP).

"We validated the recommendation. The idea is that the players defer part of their April salaries to allow the clubs to get by," said Philippe Piat, president of the UNFP, advocating a "temporary effort" in the face of a "dramatic health situation" due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"Framework agreement"

This joint "framework agreement" establishes a principle according to which footballers accept a temporary reduction in wages, which they will receive "at the end of the season", when the television rights, currently frozen by the broadcasters Canal + and BeIn Sports, have been able be paid, explained a president of club of Ligue 1 joined by AFP. The agreement was presented Tuesday morning to the Ministry of the Economy, which must now validate final details. "But it does not cost the state anything more," insists the leader.

This temporary reduction, which is added to the savings already obtained thanks to the partial activity system set up by the government and activated by many clubs, will be calculated on the basis of a progressive scale, further developed Philippe Piat, with brackets according to the level of salary received.

Simple recommendation

Players receiving less than 10,000 euros as part of the partial activity, or 70% of their gross monthly salary, will not be affected by this system. Beyond that, four installments will be put in place: 20% less remuneration in April for players earning between 10,000 and 20,000 euros; 30%, for those between 20,000 and 50,000 euros; 40%, for those between 50,000 and 100,000; and finally 50% less for those receiving more than 100,000 euros per month.

However, this is a simple recommendation: under labor law, "we can not force anyone to join," said the head of the UNFP, adding that "a large majority will not go against "this agreement. "We advise them to accept it because it is a question of saving jobs. Without this temporary effort, the profession would suffer."

While the question of a drop in players' wages is agitating the whole of football Europe, which is currently stopped due to a pandemic, and in particular England, the subject does not generate any open tension in France, where short-time working was the first shock absorber for the clubs.

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