There is no crisis that takes Josep Maria Bartomeu ahead. The president of Barcelona, ​​in his attempt to resist in the easy chair the year that remains to him, has demanded the resignation of several of the managers critical of his management. Among them are two of its vice presidents, Emili Rousaud, institutional vice president and who was to lead the continuation candidacy, and Enrique Tombas, economic vice president and treasurer . In addition, the members Silvio Elías and Ramon Pont have also lost the confidence of the top president.

Bartomeu, in any case, has no statutory power to dismiss any of its managers. But yes to degrade them. It already happened in October 2014 to Toni Freixa, who preferred to remain on the board even without functions before presenting his resignation.

The Magna Carta of Barcelona, ​​in its article 35.2, already specifies that the dismissal of the members of the board can only be produced by the end of the natural mandate, by the loss of the status of partner, by death and permanent disability, by approval of a vote of no confidence, by resignation or individual resignation of the member and accepted by the board of directors, or by general resignation or resignation.

The president of Barcelona, ​​in any case, has been held accountable by the managers who most discussed his management in the fake accounts scandal, the resolution of which is still pending an audit that no one has yet reported. That part of the board has already tried to get Bartomeu to definitely take a step to the side, to which the president has replied with a coup d'état.

The crisis within the board and the division between managers was further aggravated by the president's management of the reduction in the salary of the footballers of the first team due to the coronavirus crisis. Some members of the board understood that Bartomeu did not know how to put the interests of the club before the negotiations.

Once Bartomeu has decided to withdraw his support for Emili Rousaud only three months after he was appointed institutional vice president of the club as a presentation maneuver before the future continuation candidacy, the Catalan president will have to find a new heir.

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