The second deputy head of the Football Association, head of the National Teams and Technical Affairs Committee, Yusuf Sahlawi, confirmed that the recommendation to terminate the contract of the national team coach, Ivan Jovanovic, and his assistants, came for purely technical reasons, indicating that the selection of the Serbian coach by the interim committee was at an exceptional time and for a specific period The coach had few options but this coach, who agreed to lead the team during a temporary period of six months in order to complete the first stage of the joint qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup and the 2023 AFC Asian Cup.

He added in a press statement: “As the qualifications were postponed due to the current health conditions with the spread of the Corona virus, the circumstance on which the contract with the coach was contracted has expired, and therefore a decision has been made to terminate the contract, and to search for a new coach who will lead the national team in the next stage that we hope to Be prosperous and successful. ”

Al-Sahlawi pointed out that "the National Teams and Technical Affairs Committee will make every effort, in order to provide an appropriate work environment for all national teams in order to achieve the desired goals." He emphasized that "the committee seeks to build a team with a strong personality, which enables it to achieve its goals and the aspirations of its fans, and this is only achieved by having A technical staff with good experience in the field of training », indicating that the good selection of the technical staff is the first step in success.