To prevent corona infection, various sports awards were canceled, and a winning trophy will be delivered by courier. Remote awards ceremony.

This is Kim Hyung-yeol.


Brignone, who was the first Italian player to win the World Cup overall victory after preventing the ski empress Ciprin from winning for the fourth year in a row, received a large parcel delivery weighing more than 16kg.

In the aftermath of the Corona 19, the awards ceremony of the International Ski Federation was canceled, and three championship trophies were delivered, including the overall championship, the competition, and the complex.

[Briñone: The younger brother who received the courier sent me a picture of the trophy and asked, "Are you ordering this?"

Brignone, who enjoyed the joy alone during his self-containment, plans to properly win the championship party after the Corona 19 incident.

[Briñone: I received letters from fans that my win is the only pleasure these days. Everyone will be able to go outside, so we are only waiting for the moment to win the championship party.]

Korean women's professional basketball is similar.

Most personal prize trophies will be sent by courier to each club, and we plan to deliver them after the regular league championship and the MVP trophies are physically distanced.

In addition, men's basketball and men's and women's volleyball will be awarded by inviting only winners without any special events.

(Video editing: Namil)