`` Please stay at home '' Saori Yoshida and others in a video calling on April 7 15:55

As the spread of the new coronavirus continues, the World Wrestling Federation calls on Olympic athletes such as Saori Yoshida and Risako Kawai gold medalists to say `` Please stay at home '' in English and ask them to refrain from going out in English. Has been released.

The video was created by the World Wrestling Federation, calling on Olympic medals and world champions around the world to be released on their website and video posting site on June 6.

In the video, more than 50 players and former players appeared one after another, and after telling their own names, they called out “Stay strong, Stay at home”.

In Japanese, it means "Please stay strong. Stay at home."

In the video, there are three consecutive Olympics winners, Saho Yoshida, a gold medalist at the Rio de Janeiro tournament, Kawai, who has been decided to represent the Tokyo Games, and Shinobu Ota and Rei Higuchi, both silver medals at the Rio de Janeiro tournament. And Japanese players such as Yui Suzaki, the second consecutive champion of the World Championship.

The World Wrestling Federation commented, "They are our star players. It's a difficult time, but we're empowered by their passion."

Saori Yoshida, who participated in the video, also said that he would not go out of his home, saying, "I can't move on unless I get over this crisis. I imagine that I'm going to pass on someone around me. I want them to be at home right now. "