The players of the Dutch national team (men, women and Jong Oranje), main sponsor ING and the KNVB have put together a support package of a total of 11 million euros for clubs that are in financial need due to the corona crisis.

The donations from the Orange players and ING are intended for amateur football associations. The KNVB offers support to both professional football clubs and amateur associations.

Due to the corona crisis, professional football will stand still until 1 June, while amateur football will be scrapped for the rest of the season. This means that competition matches will not be held on the amateur fields until September.

In the meantime, the costs for those clubs continue, while the canteen income is obviously not forthcoming. In addition, sponsors disappear because they also have financial problems. The intention is that the amateur clubs can bridge this matchless period with the financial support.

The support for the clubs in the Eredivisie and the Kitchen Champion Division consists of the accelerated provision of resources and the suspension of the repayments on the loans that some clubs have for six months. The KNVB will release funds from its own reserves to support the clubs.