The Italian League announced today, Monday, that the first-class clubs have unanimously reached an agreement to reduce the salaries of players, coaches and employees as a result of the crisis of the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

The "Covid 19" crisis has suspended all football and sports activities in the country since March 9th. Italy is the country most affected by the virus, which has killed more than 16,000 people.

Players ’salaries will be reduced by a third of their annual gross income if the season is canceled, or a sixth if it is resumed.

Individual agreements have yet to be signed between clubs and players, who will waive earnings between two and four months' salary.

The League said in a statement after a video meeting that the Italian League clubs reached this decision unanimously, with the exception of the Juventus champions, who had previously reached an agreement with his players and coach Maurizio Sarri.

Juventus, the leaders in the standings before the suspension of the competitions, had made it clear that the salary cut that the players had accepted and Sarri would save him 90 million euros, an amount equivalent to stopping the salaries completely for a period of four months.

The league renewed its desire "to end the season and resume playing, without risk, and only when health conditions and government decisions allow it."