It seems that Juventus club intends to make the difficult choice due to the cessation of sports activity and the major economic crisis that affected all clubs, as it will search for the disposal of its most expensive players and Cristiano Ronaldo, as Italian reports revealed the price set by the club management to sell the player in the coming period and get rid of his huge salary .

And Cristiano Ronaldo joined Juventus from Real Madrid after a period of play during which he won scores of individual and team awards, and it is enough that he is the only player in the world who managed to crown the Champions League 5 times.

The Italian newspaper "Corriere dello Sport" reported that the club wants to sell the player during the summer transfer period for 60 million euros, to save his salary

It is reported that the player, according to media reports, receives a huge annual salary of thirty-one million euros, which is difficult to pay in the current crisis period.

And spread the past period the desire of a number of clubs contracting with the player, most notably Inter Miami, Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid