The US President, Donald Trump, expressed his confidence in the return of the sporting competitions, which all stopped due to the outbreak of the new "Corona" virus, "sooner rather than later", but he declined to set a timetable for this return.

In a phone call to the major sports leagues in the country, Trump informed the NFL Commissioner, Rodger Goodell, that he was optimistic about the start of the new season, as planned in September. The Covid-19 virus has suspended all national leagues in the United States, such as the Professional Basketball League, Baseball League, Football League and National Hockey League.

Although the number of Covid-19 infections in the United States has become the largest in the world (more than 311,000 infections and about 8,500 deaths), the US President was optimistic, the day before yesterday, in his daily press conference from the White House, saying: « I want the fans to return to action ... when we are ready. Once we are able, of course. "I can't tell you the date, but I think it will be sooner rather than later."

Baseball and basketball league officials are studying the possibility of resuming competitions behind closed doors without the public and on neutral stadiums, in order to reduce the risk of infection, which can result from the public presence.

However, Trump spoke optimistically about the competitions in the presence of the public, explaining: “There will be no separation (social divergence) for the rest of our lives on this planet. We need that in this period of time, but eventually people will be able to take those seats (in the stands) next to each other. "I don't stick to that, but it would be nice if we could."

The number of Corona virus infections in America has become the largest in the world.