The private plane of the star of Barcelona, ​​Argentine Lionel Messi, played the world of football, the day before yesterday, when the news of the plane landing at a airport in the Belgian capital Brussels, spread widely. And revealed in the European media, yesterday, that the plane is only leased, and Messi does not own it, but he uses it constantly, until he completely redesigned it to suit his wishes and the privacy of his family.

The plane is a "Golf Stream V" type, with a commercial value of approximately 25 million euros, but the rental value paid by Messi to the owner is not known.

The British newspaper “The Sun” revealed yesterday the exciting details of the plane, which was redesigned by a company in Argentina, and includes a kitchen and two bedrooms, with seats for 16 passengers, besides that the plane's stairs can be folded into seats, as the number printed « 10 », which Messi is known for with Barcelona and Argentina, on the plane's tail, along with his family names printed on stairs. The seats can also be folded and turned into beds, for greater comfort for Messi and his family.

It is reported that Messi's small family consists of his wife Antonella, and his sons Tiago, Chiro, and Matthew. It was not known if Messi was on board the flight that stumbled yesterday in the Belgian airspace, as it landed Friday morning at Zventin Airport in the Belgian capital, Brussels, then flew about an hour later, before returning again due to a technical defect whose nature was not revealed.

The plane had gone through a long journey a day earlier from Argentina to Brazil and then to Brussels, and would have continued to the Spanish island of Tenerife, as planned, before stopping and undergoing a comprehensive technical examination to scrutinize the reasons that led to its emergency landing in Brussels.

It is constantly being used ... and has been redesigned by the Argentine company.

Messi printed the number "10", which is famous for, on the plane's tail.