Al Ain team coach, Pedro Emanuel, said: “Facing the Corona epidemic requires more patience and adapting to the temporary lifestyle that everyone is currently facing,” noting that the Corona virus gave us a different life after we were living at a speed of 200 km / The Hour », in reference to the tremendous technological acceleration and calm that has characterized the lives of people in the recent period.

Pedro said in an interview with the Spanish newspaper "AS": "He left the UAE before the flight ban, and he is now next to his family." He continued: "My house is near the sea, and this gives me some calmness, it is true that the current moments are different but it also allows us to enjoy the family atmosphere, Especially since I was away from my family in the previous period ». Pedro called on everyone to abide by the precautionary measures, and to stay at home, until the crisis of "Corona" ends.

And Pedro considered his career with Al Ain, until the stopping of soccer activity in mid-March, successful, and said: «When the team took over, we were in fifth place, nine points behind the leader, currently we are in second place with a difference of six points, and we also reached the final of the President’s Cup, and I think Our chances of crowning trophies are great. ”

On his opinion of Al-Ahly youth leaders, he said: «They have a wonderful strong team, but there are still seven games, including a meeting in front of them, we will try to see what can happen». Pedro pointed out that the organized restrictions of the tournaments compel coaches in the Emirates to create a strong competitive squad. He said: "You can only play with four foreigners, and this makes you explore the capabilities of the rest of the players." Al Ain coach admitted that he was influenced and learned by the way his Portuguese coach, Jose Mourinho, said: “You must always have your own ideas, and the ability to be realistic and objective, but Mourinho taught me to be more realistic.”

Pedro Emmanuel described his career with the "leader" as successful.